Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

erica and christy do not write rhyming picture books for elementary age students. However, we both teach elementary school, so OBVIOUSLY today is a holiday. It's Dr. Seuss' birthday, people. Party like you're 108 years old. er

At my (erica's) school, we're eating Green Eggs and Ham for lunch, watching the old-school cartoon of The Lorax, listening to books on tape 3 times over the course of the day on intercom, and having our retired-last-year-librarian read to the entire group (around 165 kids) - book TBA. There will also be color sheets and games and. . . CAKE!!

Here are some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes (if any are wrong, sorry. blame google images). Let me know if you know of any other gems - or what your favorite Dr. Seuss book is (mine's The Foot Book) - in the comments.

My least favorite Dr. Seuss story? When I was a college freshman, as a "bonding exercise", the university had us read this story about an Australian girl who grew up on a sheep farm in the 1920s. It was such as abismal failure (the exercise, not the story), that the next year they let the freshmen read Oh, The Places You'll Go and discuss it instead. University Admin Fail (for my year) (which was *cough* *18* *cough* a few years ago).  >:(


  1. Yay!! I hightlighted Dr. Suess today, too!! Think he deserves a little recognition. :D The quotes you chose are fabulous and so inspiring!

  2. I love Dr. Suess! You ladies rock for spotlighting him.

  3. Dr. Seuss!!! Best book is If I Ran The Curcus. I love Mr. Sneelock.


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