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as i went through my most recent fave saves, i'm disappointed. (NOT because the ones i found saved there aren't great--they are!)  but i KNOW i  read some super posts that i thought i saved, but sadly didn't.  so i would have had even more for you.  however, i do have some awesomely informative, witty posts to share if you missed them.  enjoy!

jennifer laughran shares a genre glossary

katie ganshert posts about figuring out the heart of your character

i've been to querytracker, but here is another social networking site for publishing:  agentquery connect

have you seen this new blog?  the one that offers a bit of "romance" to lucky agents and writers?  check it out!  cupid's literary connection

i don't actually remember saving this one, but check it out in case it's worthwhile.... writing contests

brenda drake, shelley watters and cassandra marshall are hosting a march madness agent pitch match march 12-14

jody hedlulnd reminds us that perfection is not required in order to be published.  there are other imporant things to remember.  (it's called:  the story)

if you, like me, are NOT a fan of zombies and don't understand the hype, then read this.  even if you DO like zombies (first tell me WHY), you'll get a kick out of this post(both links lead to the same exact place)

always throw out the first pancake.  this may also apply to first novels....read about it here.

3 minute writer's workout warmup

some very necessary advice for writers who are waiting for a chance.  waiting...  while you wait, read this

i wish i had more.  one of the things i remember about the posts i didn't save is this:

have fun writing the draft you are working on.  it's the best recipe for eliminating writer's block.  the best recipe for creating a twisty, conflicted plot.  have fun and be mean to your characteras mean as you can.

oh, and in case you are wondering how our collab effort is going for erica and christy's novel TTM...it's slow.  it was all erica's fault, (smile!) but she finally sent me another chapter (you know, she had her life to live) and now she's waiting and waiting for me because i went back to work and got sick.  I KNOW. i had 9 weeks when i could have gotten sick.  but--back to work and BAM-- sick.  i ran out of sick days weeks ago, so i guess the kids get me all headachy and sneezy and sore throaty....teachers can go sick, but please, keep you sick kids at home.  :0)  (it's all about double standards)

and erica DID send me this,( along with her chapter--which is kicktush, btw):


  1. Great links! I can enjoy a zombie movie now and then, but it isn't something I seek out and I haven't read anything. I think that 'they are your friends and family' is definitely the most intriguing angle. I've had so many people recomment 'Walking Dead' and... it's fine... but I really prefer something I could envision really happening for those Apocalypse stories.

  2. I love that I'm an author graphic! So funny--especially the one on what society thinks :). I think my husband still thinks I'm going to be rolling in the dough too.

  3. Thanks for all the linkage, and best of luck on your collaborative effort! I'm sure you'll do great.


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