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Many of you who have visited us often, since we started blogging together in the fall of 2010, know that we, erica and christy, met in the August of that year-- at the very first WRITEONCON.

I, Christy, had just started writing the previous October, had finished my manuscript the previous May, and was (not at all) ready to query come that WOC, my very first writing conference.  I was nervous and barely wanted to post a thing in those forums.  But even worse than posting my own work, was having to critique the work of others.  I had no idea what I was doing!  My palms sweat  just thinking about logging in to the forums.

Had erica not found me, and introduced herself as another writer from Wisconsin, there's no guarantee I would still be writing to this day.  Every writer needs to have others who understand the mind of a writer, the journey of a writer, the hopes and fears of a writer.

That's why you should check out WRITEONCON this year. 

--Post your work for feedback. 

--Help other writers out with your unique outlook on life and writing by offering constructive criticism and positive comments. 

--Find critique partners and beta readers. 

--LEARN about the craft of writing, the publishing industry, what agents are looking and hoping for.

--Pique the interest of an agent--yes, they're in those forums too, just checking it all out and looking for talent!

--Enter contests (another way to put your writing in front of agents and publishers!).

The actual conference is next week Tues and Weds (August 14-15).  It's free.  It's online.  But the crit forums are in full swing now.  Post your query, your first page, or your first five pages.  You can post completed work or a WIP.  The schedule for the conference, as well as the agents involved, is posted on the WOC homepage now. 

What are you waiting for?

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