chairs...and stuff

note the somewhat crazy look behind my tense grin and wide eyes

apparently we've unofficially dedicated september to blogging about how busy we are as teachers and moms and...writers.

allow me to whine at you.

no, really, i insist. let me.

i don't sit down until 9 PM. 
like, literally..
i don't

all day i dream of that moment.

the sitting down in silence moment

 and i dream of opening the wip i no longer remember the name of

(i love that i can type in a search for "sleeping on a laptop" and get hundreds of images)

shut up.  SHUT UP.

at least i encourage writing during the day

im jealous of the writing time my students get

so now that i am finally sitting.  with my laptop.  and my wip is sleeping.  shhh!  i've created this nonsensical post in which i leave you with this very serious question that i hope you take a moment to consider and respond.

which chair are you?  and why?









  1. I would be chair A because I'm enclosed in my own little world. ;)

  2. So funny. I can so relate to being too busy and not stopping till 9:00 pm. Today I got up at 5:00 to take my daughter at swim. After work I have to go right to the pool to time a meet until 8:30. It's a LONG day.

  3. yay, heather! you played my chair game! tx!!! i'm on a 5AM writing date right now...shh. that means i was never really here......cuz i'm writing....

  4. Gosh, I feel your pain. The wanting, longing to just sit and be. Think I'm going to enjoy your September.

  5. I'm probably chair A due to my introverted tendencies, but...I dream about looking as stylish and trendy as chair B. I envision myself as sleek as chair C after losing 50 lbs. I want to be the person who sits in chair D that everybody loves and trusts. I aspire to be chair E because it's balanced: comfortable and stylish. I desire to be seen as elegant and dainty as Chair F. And last but not least, Chair G is what I felt like on my 5 AM writing date. ;)

  6. Hi, Ladies,

    You two are definitely working TOOOOO hard. If you can't sit until 9pm... Teachers do get a lunch hour, don't they?

    Love the chair game... fun...

    I am a "C" chair. Smooth, clean-lined, classic designed , yet contemporary and comfy.

  7. LOL! Oh! I'm laughing and feeling bad at the same time. I'm so so sorry. You ARE doing something encouraging young writers, and LOL! At the number of sleeping on laptop photos. :D

    Oh, guys. Hang in there! I read something the other day, and it went something like, "If it doesn't have a heartbeat, it really doesn't matter." Does that help? You guys are great. ((hugs)) <3

  8. You don't get to sit down until 9 and your day starts at 5 a.m.? Wholly Moly.

    I'm probably chair A due to my introverted tendencies, but I'd love to be as hip, stylish and bold as Chair B. I dream of being as sleek and svelt as Chair C (after losing 50 lbs). I hope that one-on-one I'm as comforting and homey as Chair D. Chair E is what I'm always seeking - the perfect balance. I wish I were as fancy and elegant (and graceful) as Chair F. And, I felt like Chair G during my 5 a.m. writing date this morning.

  9. I love that you played along. And yes, I finally got on my laptop to send (work) emails about quarter after 9. It's called teachers-really-don't-get-to-sit (I eat my sandwich while pumping at work (still breastfeeding)(and yes, i'm sitting, but really, it's not relaxing), so that ten minutes doesn't count.) And then there's soccer after school. And cleaning and laundry and homework and supper and nursing and you get it. Because you all do it too. And you're amazing for it because you also WRITE...and I don't. I think I'd love to decorate with CHAIR E, but CHAIR F calls out to me. So, I think I'd aspire to be the Audrey Hepburnish chair F. :) Christy

  10. Fabulous post! While I am seriously and disturbingly drawn to Chair B, I am Chair C (although I have a special added lumbar-support feature built in). I laughed out loud at "sleeping on a laptop" picture. Hang in there, you're doing a great job!


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