And so it begins.

I'm sorry that I've been completely absent from my own blog, and from my own home, really. Although I don't need to apologize to you for that.

 A new school year begins tomorrow.  As a teacher, the past month has been hectic.  For the past three years I taught part time.  Starting tomorrow, I'll be in the classroom full time again.  I'm excited, except that I'll be away from my eight-month-old for over eight hours each day.

 I try to make myself feel better by thinking he'll be sleeping for two hours every morning, and another two hours each afternoon.  When I worked part time, I got home about one, had to wake him up to pick up my oldest son about 2:30 and then got home from that about 3:30.  So, since he'll sleep from about 1:00-3:00, I figure, it'll be fine.  Just fine.  He'll be fine.  I guess it's me I'm worried about.

My moving boxes are emptied, and the contents mostly organzied and put away.  (Some ended up getting dumped in file cabinet drawers, in top cabinets and under the rug I dragged there from my basement.  Copies upon copies are made and neatly piled into "first we'll do this"  " then we'll do this"  "then  this"  "and then this" piles.  A lamp is placed on the bookshelf behind my teacher desk.  Table legs are sawed off to fit first graders little bodies.  Name tags are filled out and stuck on top of desks.  Folder inserts are printed and, well, inserted. 

My floor at home is vaccuumed and scrubbed.  The dishwasher is emptied.  Laundry is cleaned, folded and put away.  My bank account is empty from all the materials I bought for the classroom.  I ran two miles, not six.  Lunches are made.  Clothes are laid out.  The schedule is typed.  Emergency phone numbers written.

My stomach is in knots and sleep is hard to come by.

Yup.  Every thing is as it should be the night before the first day of school.

I hope you and your children have a wonderful day.  I'm sure erica and I will too.

We'll be back to share stories soon!




  1. I hope the little guy is doing well. I guess it's normal to worry about him, and the impending school day doesn't help things. Good luck!

  2. Good luck on your first day. I'm sure the little guy will be fine, and you will, too. Still, I remember how difficult it was to leave the wee one for a full time job. Hang in there. :hugs:

  3. I was so busy getting school kids and home kids and school rooms and home, well, rooms ready - I forgot to get new tires for my car and got a flat on my way to the first day. Goes to show you can't plan for everything. Hope it went well for you (as it did for me after I rode the bus to school!).

  4. No wonder you're exhausted! You are a titan of organization and should be proud of that, and of course you can't help the separation anxiety--why 'they' say it's the child's issue is beyond me--I had major separation anxiety from my son. But it does work out, and with your attitudes and feelings, you KNOW it's going to. Fantastic that you're teaching full-time. Best of luck and enjoy!

  5. It's going to be awesome! Have a great school year! I always love your inspirational stories from the classroom. :o) <3

  6. Just reading this post made me feel exhausted. Gosh. You've had a lot to do. I hope the first day went well and little man is okay.

  7. Wow, that would leave me exhausted too! Hang in there, soon you'll be in the full swing of the school year and you'll get into an easy routine.


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