Living for Today

As you know, we are both mothers, elementary-school teachers, and Christians. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

The shooter, the school, even perhaps the teachers, will be blamed over the next few weeks. We beg you to act kindly, our friends. Be the difference that changes things. Say hello to strangers on the street. Thank your child's teacher(s). Provide a pair of gloves to someone who is cold. . .be kind.

No one knows the difference one can make. We don't pretend that any of this will end all the problems of the world, but it could help, and that's the hope we cling to.

We - erica and christy - love our children, the children we teach, the families we work with, and all of you.

~erica and chrsity


  1. Yesterday was such a tragedy. I hope no one blames teachers. You're the heroes.

  2. it's been so hard to hear about this tragedy. I've avoided news coverage and tried not to read the Facebook posts, but even today at my elementary-aged daughters' Christmas convocation, when the kindergarten teachers led their classes in, I started spontaneously crying. :o(

    As a former teacher, I know how your students become like extended family. I can't imagine facing a situation like they did. THANK YOU guys for being such great teachers and for this inspirational post.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday~ <3


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