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What I'm Reading

This is terrible.  I'm currently between reads.  I finished MIND GAMES by Kiersten White and I bought THE LINCOLN LAWYER for $2.99 and then I went on vacation.  Normally, you'd think of vacation as the perfect time to read, right?  Not this week.  I am with my parents, husband and three kids.  Did I mention three kids? That's why I'm not reading this week. 

That, and FRIENDS has been on late every night....one episode after another.  I've been busy laughing.  Remember when Ross went on a date wearing leather pants and couldn't get them back on after taking them off to cool down?  Remember when Rachel wanted a bunny cake for Emma's first birthday party, but ended up with a penis cake instead?  Remember when Ross applied for a grant but had to go through his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend to get it?  Remember when Rachel couldn't gossip, but found out Monica and Chandler were secretly dating?

Oh, yeah.

What I'm Writing


I'm 14k in. 

It's emotional and that's how I'm writing it.  My characters don't think in complete sentences.  Sometimes they don't use periods.  Sometimes their thoughts ramble and come out in run-on and run-on and run-on sentences.  Sometimes they pause

and words continue on a different line than the one they started on.

Sometimes my characters get stuck on a thought and can't stop thinking it and they repeat, repeat, repeat.

My novel might not be clean.  It might not be correct.  But it is emotional.

What Inspires Me Right Now

You.  Anyone out there who is writing every day.

What Else I've Been Up To

I'm in Door County, WI on vacation.  I run every other day.  Outside.  At home I run inside.  I am trying not to be afraid of the birds on the telephone wires.  I've been playing tennis with my seven-year-old and my five-year-old.  We went kayaking yesterday and got stuck in the middle of the lake.  Waves kept pushing us out farther and farther.  50 minutes of hard-core paddling got us back to the beach we started at. Ow.  My arms are SORE today.  We've taken walks.  We went to Wilson's for ice cream and played at the park.  We've built moats in the sand and collected sea shells.

Ready. Set. Write.

I'm not officially participating, but I'd really love to write  at least 1k per day and finish  my novel in two weeks.  (Which would require about 1.5 k per day.)



  1. Emotional novels are the best! Keep on writing!


  2. I love hearing about your vacation! I'm hoping to get a good arms workout in the wave pool at Mt. Olympus tomorrow! ;)

  3. Who needs clean and correct when you've got emotion? Go for it!

  4. Oh my goodness, emotional writing is my favorite. I love, love, love it. And judging from that section on your blog post, I'm sure the way you do it in the book is going to be phenomenal.

    I was tweeting with some guy who asked for a recommendation for a book. I told him to read Divergent, cause it's my favorite. He made it 10 chapters in and stopped because he felt it was talking down to him and didn't catch his imagination. I don't really know what he was talking about, but I told him if he didn't like that, he wouldn't like any of my YA recommendations. I said "YA is about feeling, literary fiction is about thinking." And that is probably my favorite thing about YA - it's about the emotions, just as your characters are showing. :) Keep up with that emotional writing, please!

  5. Gasp! Incomplete sentences? No punctuation?


  6. That sounds like a lovely vacation -- and still writing! And running! Your WIP sounds very engaging, I hope you are able to meet your goal!


  7. "Sometimes they pause

    and words continue on a different line than the one they started on."

    My characters do that too!

    Also, sounds like you have a busy week, but very impressive goals! I hope it's a productive fun week!

  8. Keep on going, Christy! Ride the wave of inspiration for as far as it will take you. Your vacation sounds wonderful (okay not the kayaking part about being stuck in the lake).

    FRIENDS is one of my all time favorite shows. If I ever get too snarky at home, Beloved Husband plops me down in front of the TV and pops in a random DVD (we own all the seasons.) Fixes me right up. My favorite episodes are Ross's leather pants and the one where Rachel makes a Trifle for thanksgiving and Ross says it tastes like feet. I'm cackling just typing this.

    Can't wait to hear more about 27 Daisies.

  9. I love FRIENDS, and I could totally see myself getting sucked down that vortex. As soon as you mentioned Ross' leather pants, I started laughing. It's funny how you barely have to say anything and I can remember exactly what episode you're referring to. Love it!

    That's wonderful that your story is coming along nicely. And I don't think it matters whether it's clean or correct right now. It's just important to get it all out, right? :)


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