(WIP) Cover Reveal

I'm on vacation.  I have pictures to share with you, but they are not handy at this hour.  Instead, I'll share a different image.  (And I'll save the pics for a different day.)

The night before I left home, I started researching how to create a cover for a book in case I ever wanted to self-publish one.  (And for fun because I love photography and playing around with design.)  However, I had no idea what a stock image was.  I don't have Photoshop.  I didn't know how to add text to an image.  So, after finding a couple of resources, I spent a quarter of an hour creating my first cover for my WIP.  Here it is....

My first-ever try at creating a book cover. 

The original photo was this:

It's amazing all the fun options out there for photo editing.  I used foto flexer since I don't have Photoshop.  Check it out!

I'm currently 14k into this WIP and so badly wanted to be 35k into it at this point.  So, instead of digging up vacation pictures and linking to resources to help you in case you're interested in creating book covers, I'm going to go and write (while my family sleeps).  BUT, I'll be back another day to share all of these things with you.  Until then...write, read and enjoy  life!



  1. Congratulations on making your very first cover! You did a great job :)

  2. Thank, Rachel. That means a lot ESPECIALLY since you are my indie author and cover designer HERO! I am so excited about your success. You are very motivational and inspiring!


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