New Release - Never Eighteen

Never Eighteen
It's tiny. I don't know why.

My friend Megan Bostic's book came out this week. You should buy it. Really, you should. Go here to do so. We'll wait.

What? You want to know what it's about first? Just kidding - I know you do. I was super lucky to not only (virtually) know Megan and get to learn a lot about this book before it released, I also got an early copy as part of her Pass It On promotion. It's a short-ish, quick, emotional read, packed with real situations and characters that make you care. Here's its website (with a really cool book trailer).

Megan also has her own website (admit it, you know you wish you had her hair. and eyes. and, well, book contract, but you can't tell that from the picture...) and blog.

So, go buy it now. Where? Here.

Okay, fine, I'll give you one (maybe). Tell me in the comments - what's one thing you wish you did before you turned 18 (or, if you'd rather, something you're really happy you did before you turned 18)? I'll pick a winner on Sunday!

SPEAKING OF WINNERS....Christy has one to announce...and will do so later today! 
So check back.  Or, if you are THE winner, she'll contact you to let you know!


  1. I just saw this book on another site. Looks wonderful!
    I wished I'd gone white-water rafting before I turned eighteen!!

  2. Thanks for the awesome book recommendation. Let's see, before 18 I was too busy attempting to be cool and shunned my inner nerd, so something I wouldn't have been caught dead doing that I really think I would've enjoyed is playing Dungeons and Dragons. I would've worn some sort of cape while playing too. ;)

  3. I wish I'd gone to Japan as part of an exchange student program before I turned 18.


  4. Great question. I'm happy I made the decision to move to Paris, France and delay college a year before I turned 18. Thanks for the giveaway and for letting everyone know about Megan's awesome book!

  5. I'm still not eighteen yet, LOL, but I'm glad I started blogging before I turn eighteen.. not completely sure why, but the last three years have been amazing, and I'm glad I've had the chance to read so many awesome books and meet the most amazing people while I;m young and well, free! (promise not everything I say sounds so cheesy! Haha!)

    Thanks for the giveaway, by the way! (Please enter me if it's international.. )

  6. Aloha ladies,

    I found you via the '80s Crushes BlogFest and you have a new follower just bassed on the hilarious sidebars and nuggets of info on your blog!

    Good luck with all your writing projects (don't do bodily harm to each other:) and I look forward to reading your posts.

  7. Ooh, that's a hard one...something before I was 18. I wish I would have dedicated myself more to writing and decided to major in English. Something I am happy I did before 18? Gone to Europe. I took a trip to London, Paris and Rome with my drama teacher and a bunch of us drama kids, and I had the time of my life. I am so glad I go to do that as a teen.

  8. Oh, leave it to you Erica to come up with this kind of question.

    I wished I had the opportunity to travel more before I was 18. I find it amazing that young kids get to go on planes to visit far away places. I had ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe as a child. It fascinated me. But back then, our vacations were road trips to the beach and the mountains. NIce, but not Europe.

    Today's children have the world at their fingertips via internet and parents that tour the globe and take them along. Even Disney was dream that had never come true at that age....

    Man have times changed....

  9. That IS a hard question! I wish I'd appreciated who I was more before 18 and college. I wish I'd already become fluent in French before 18. I'm glad I didn't meet my husband back then, I don't think we would have liked each other yet. We needed our 20s first.

    So, how about you guys?

  10. I have a winner!! It's top-secret, though, so you'll have to come back on Monday to find out who!

  11. One thing I wish I did before I turned 18...can I say wrote a book? BC I see these teen writers out there and I'm all...no you don't have your act together that much but they totally DO!


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