writer's block? we can help.

two quick bits of advice on dealing with writer's block, especially when starting a new project:

1. commit to a chapter per day. it'll go faster than you think. then, rather than open your document, stare at it and feel the pressure of 50,000 unwritten words, you'll just have to write a chapter's worth. maybe only 200 words. or 500. maybe your character will put 1,000 words in that chapter. it doesn't matter. that chapter will be done. and in five days, you'll have five chapters done. five more than you would have if you had let the pressure of the unwritten novel freak you out.

2.  write really short chapters.
go.  write.  be merry.
turn your fingers into writer's block
breaking machines!


  1. Bahaha! I love "write short chapters"---

    One awesome page written a day...in 365 days, you'll have a great novel. Lots of us have been doing this for more than a year. :)

  2. Good tip! If I'm really feeling stuck, I just make myself write a page - 250 words - and often by the time I push through two or three paragraphs things are moving and I'll keep going.

  3. It also helps to write before checking e-mail or Facebook.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. That's why i write early in the morning when my brain is just freer. I get the opposite of writer's block tho and can't figure out how to turn it off!! :)

  5. Perfect! I prefer my chapters short anyway - I'll be trying this! :)

  6. Hi Erica and Christy! Yes, one step, or one chapter at a time. Great advice!


  7. When I'm met with writer's block, I free write and usually after a page of writing "cheese," "frogs," and "blah," I find out why I'm blocked and by page three onto an actual scene.


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