We've got a winner, folks

So, it was christy's birthday on Wednesday and erica has to pay for it. haha, kidding. (erica is older than christy, so she pays for it each day. sigh)

(great, now I'm laughing about talking about myself in 3rd person. it's been a tough week back at school, folks.)

Wait, what were we talking about? Ah, yes, winners. I gots me one. The person who gets to choose between uber-exciting $10 gift certificates from either Dairy Queen or Amazon (as chosen by the monkeys who know how to pick a number out of a hat over at random.org) is....

#2!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait a minute. This #2 follows our blog? I had no idea! (#can'tstoplaughingatmyownpoopiejoke)

It's this one. And yes, we love her even more than the, um, other one. or two (way more).



  1. Congrats to Carol. And thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  2. Yaaaay, I won!! I just wanted to spread birthday wishes around, but I got a prize out of it. Kewl. Thanks, gals, for being so generous!

    I will get BOOKS, read them, and then give them away on MY blog. Everyone wins, eh? ;o)

  3. Congrats Carol!

    You deserve it for your generosity...

    Happy Birthday again Christy... Any fun plans this weekend?

  4. BINGO we have a success individuals. Create it your men issue since it is his kid and maybe your man will see to it that elements modify.

  5. Happy Birthday Christy. It was my birthday on Wednesday as well.

  6. Happy birthday Christy! And congratulations Carol!

  7. Happy Birthday to Christy!!!
    And a huge congrats to Carol!

  8. Congrats Carol! Happy birthday Christy! Sounds like a party all round!



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