Temporarily out of service....

since it's my (christy's) day to post and i'm feeling a little bit under the weather (mentally speaking), you get this (for an excuse):

  Well, that's not exactly true.

oh, how i WISH this was true

                                                                                                 yeah, this one is just about right....

(Or, well, the blog will be back up and running when it's erica's turn again on thursday.)

As erica stated in yesterday's post:  We  have parent/teacher conferences this week (and for the next two weeks), so we're busy grading and entering grades and prepearing conference folders.  And while I was going over and over my evening schedules (change in routine=forgetfullness) and dr. appointments (regularly scheduled ones and a three hour glucose test since i failed my one hour one (boo!)), I realized how very, very close I'm getting to having a third child!  And that I need to get my sub plans for 6-8 weeks ready and get all of my online grading organized for January report cards!  Yikes!  Suddenly two months from now seems very, very close!

So, as I was saying:

oh, and while i was searching for these images...this one just happened to be on the same page (for be right back?).  i don't understand it, but also don't mind it.

 i thought maybe you wouldn't either. :0)

(yeah, you're welcome!)


  1. Loved the Be Right Back clock because it's broken -- so me!
    However, I will happily entertain myself with the eye candy until you ladies are back on track (and perhaps beyond).
    Take care.

  2. Yeah, a little washerboard stomach is plenty of apology in my book! Take care, and i hope you get through the week okay!

  3. Love the clock. That's what they should all say since no one really pays attention to the time on them anyway (especially the person who puts it up - lol). Gotta love Ryan Reynolds. :)

  4. Whoa! Leave that Ryan Reynolds pic up and you can take as long as you want (that has to be photoshopped...doesn't it???)

  5. Whew, thank you indeed! Love that picture. And you sound as though you could use a day off. Enjoy! :)

  6. Very cute post with pictures but let's face it, that last picture makes up for everything!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  7. I had a comment. I swear. Mmmm, I'm pretty sure it had to do with school. Or, you know, my dreams of Ryan.

    Oh, wait, I'm here for a reason. I think. Um...

  8. Yes, I don't mind that picture at all. I am having a very hard mental health day today too. I had to tell my 9 year old there isn't a tooth fairy. I sobbed afterwards. Horrible, horrible, horrible experience.


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