Whoops. Tuesday's Status Report (on Wednesday)

Christy's Campaign Challenge Post is still accepting "Likes" over at Rach's Blog.  To read it (and find the link to vote for it) GO HERE!

We also missed out on participating in Banned Books Week (it was last week).  To learn more about Banned Books Week and censorship (in case you missed it too) click THIS LINK (where you'll find a short list of the most challenged titles of 2010) .  To learn even more, click RIGHT HERE.

And our list of forgets doesn't stop there.

Whoops.  We forgot about the Tuesday Status Report for #WS4U this week!  (Writer's Support 4 You via Facebook).

*Christy's considering starting an OctoNano this Saturday.  From Oct 8-Nov 30 there are 50 days.  So, 1,000 words per day = a 50k novel. 
50K IN 50 DAYS
She's trying to convince erica this would be a great thing to do. 
Is there anyone else who thinks NANOWRIMO sounds awesome, but is just not ready to commit to that this year?  If so, I'd totally come up with rewards/prizes/something to motivate you. 

*Christy's scrapped another 4-6 queries.  And then wrote 3 more.  And then she (re)read Mary Kole's post "Overthinking the Query".  Um. Yeah.

*Christy's having the worst school year in her 12 years of teaching.  She has students in her class that she is having a difficult time managing and feels like a failure.  She cries and is exhausted. 

*She is behind on critiquing a beta's ms and is feeling guilty and, again, like a failure.  And she's behind on grading.  And figuring out the new online grading system.

(And she didn't mean for this to become a pit party post.  Sorry about that.)

*Christy just wants to write.  Writing makes her feel better.  She has no time to write.  Although, on the plane to and from Colorado (her brother-in-law got married over the weekend), she read City of Ashes and enjoyed it.  The break from reality was MUCH needed.

*Erica is also having a not-wonderful school year.  I don't think she cries about it though.

*Erica is polishing her ms. 

*Erica is considering taking notes to create new characters and a new plot for Christy's OctoNano.  And she's watching  the Brewers.  Who rock.

That about sums it up for this week (and, um, last).

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  1. Thanks for the updates ladies! Sorry to hear the schoolyear isn't the best so far~ maybe with winter will come a muffling of whatever (or whomever) needs to be muffled :)

  2. (((Hugs))) to you both! It sounds like your school years are starting off rough, I'm so sorry. I love the Octo-NaNo idea. October is a MUCH better month for it than November. If I weren't revising I'd be all in!

  3. I love Nano - I've won every year I've tried it. (I think this will be year 6)

  4. Hope it gets better for you both and you have more time for your writing. :)

  5. Alas for poor school years. :( Here's hoping it will look up soon!

    I am totally stoked for NaNoWriMo. I'm currently mustering my minions (i.e., the NaNo club I'm running at UT) for a fab November.

  6. Awww, Christy, so sorry you are having a less than stellar school year. I can sympathize with the lack of writing time as the kids are into SO many activities this year, it's hard for me to even spend time out of the car. Hang in there!

  7. Hey, Christy,

    Now I know why I haven't heard from you. Take care of you. Stressing can't be good for you right now.

    I love your idea... It totally sparks Christy. I can see your eyes lighting up just thinking about it,

    Unfortunately I can't even think about writing a new novel when so many other things need my attention right now.

    Erica, it looks like I can't make it up to Madison in a few weeks. I'm so bummed. If things work out I might be cruising to Minnesota, if so I will drop by your town because I know you're to there. I'll keep you posted.

  8. I know typos.... place "Close" in between "you're and "to" in the last sentence. And a comma should be replaced by a period in the second.

    Have a great weekend ladies.

  9. Christa is sad for Christy who should cheer up and have a plate of cheese followed by a flask of sprinkles. I am pro-Octowhatchacallit because I could not wait for NaNo and started writing a new book a few weeks ago. I have about 17k words so hurry and catch up.
    My son is also having a terrible school year. I believe we are out of sorts. I think it has to do with the closeness of the moon.
    Hang in there, beauties. Also, please read Gayle Foreman's books if you haven't because I found them YA contemp lovely.

  10. I think 50 days for 50K is much more reasonable. *sniffs* But if you're a full-time teacher and mother, I think 180 days for 50K is an AWESOME goal.

  11. Octo-NaNo sounds brilliant. I'm already a day behind. *sigh* That's o.k., I've got all day tomorrow to catch up. Sorry you both are having a difficult year. I hope it gets better soon!


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