What are you doing today?

Hello. My name is Erica. (hello, erica) I am a baseball fan. Worse, I am a Brewer fan. It's been a rough 30-some years for me (due to the addiction). Even the ups have been quickly followed by downs.

The Brewers clinched the NL Central division last week. That was an up.

Bernie was HA-PPY!

They won the first two at home. Super up - one to go to the NL Championship game!!

Then they lost the next two in Arizona. Downer.

ha. poor Ryan.

So, anyway. Tomorrow they're back home for game 5. Guess where I'll be? Yep, here:

Doing this:

fyi, this isn't me. just what I'll be doing

Almost definitely drinking one of these:

Miller owns Leinie's. I <3 Honey Weiss (in moderation, of course)

And cheering for my boys to eventually win this:

I'd do this whole "why writing is like baseball" or "how writing also has its ups and downs" analogy, but I'm busy packing. What are you doing today? (say cheering on the Brewers. say cheering on the Brewers. say...)



  1. Woo! Ummmm. I have very little knowledge of baseball but I bet it's awesome. I bet it's as good as I think it is.


    You'll have to forgive me though because I have NO CLUE what most of the words you used mean. Haha. We have cricket over here and it's not the samee.


  2. Have a great time at the game, Erica!

    Today, the weather couldn't be more perfect. I did a power walk on the lakefront in the early afternoon after doing a bit of blogging.

    Had lunch (at home), did a bit more blogging, and then another long walk on the lake. I had to be out, it was just so gorgeous.

  3. I feel the same way about football that you do about baseball. :)Best of luck to your team!

  4. I'm an Angels fan all the way, but I'm rooting for a Brewers/Rangers World Series.


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