We are so excited to be a part of Heather McCorkle's Blog Tour this month!  She's an amazing blogger, talented writer, and, above all, a generous person.  The proof is in the blog tour she's doing to benefit endangered species.  To take part, read the information below and you, too, can help these beautiful creatures. 

A special edition of Heather McCorkle’s The Secret Of Spruce Knoll is releasing from Compass Press this month and she’s doing a special tour to go along with it. The special part, a percentage of the proceeds from every special edition sold (in every format) between its release date and 12-12-2012, will go toward Heather’s favorite charity that protects endangered species. Her goal is to make at least $10,000 for the charity.

Of course there are prizes during the tour which goes from December 1st through the 17th. Prizes include:
  •  a symbolic endangered species adoption of the winner’s choice (a $50 donation by Heather to the charity for the endangered species of the winner’s choice )
  • a cute stuffed animal for the winner
  • signed copies of her novels
  •  great swag
For full details, and to enter, go here. http://heathermccorkle.blogspot.com Check out her recent posts with links to all the other tour stops.  There are many animals besides the one we're featuring that need our help!

For the tour Heather has asked each blog host to pick their favorite endangered species.  We chose the emerald hummingbird. 

Christy:  Hummingbirds are magical.  This past summer I finally bought a hummingbird feeder and sat watching it faithfully.  I only spotted a couple all summer long.  Mostly, I fed the thirsty bees in my neighborhood.  While the emerald hummingbird does not live near me in Wisconsin, please help us protect this amazingly enchanging bird!

Erica: The hummingbird feeders at my house have attracted a number of ruby-throated hummingbirds, including a couple that have nested in the same tree for the past few years. (and yes, a number of hornets, too - not to mention ants). My kids have always been fascinated by the little creatures and continue to argue about whether or not they can pet one!

Heather:  This breathtaking hummingbird lives in the arid thorn-forests and scrub of Honduras. Honestly, I had no idea such a beautiful bird existed before this tour and now to find out that it's critically endangered is so sad.

Some secrets change your life, others change your world.  Discover the secret.

Immerse yourself in the story of Eren Donovan as she uncovers the secrets of her new town, Spruce Knoll.  The more she learns about the people of Spruce Knoll, and herself, the more she knows she must try to save the world from its fate:  total destruction.  Through it all, she faces loss, death and love.  Only time will tell if Eren has the power to protect the people she has come to love.

This is a special edition that contains an extra chapter and deleted material not published in the Abbott Press version. But what makes this version special is that a percentage of the proceeds from every copy of the special edition sold~digital and bound book~will go to my favorite charity that specializes in protecting endangered species.

To be a part of the solution for these animals, buy THE SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL.  To purchase it as an eBook just click on a link below!

click right here:  to buy from amazon  

or here:  to buy from barnes and noble

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Together we can make a difference (and enjoy a great book)!


  1. Awesome that you're part of Heather's blog tour. I love hummingbirds too. Great choice.

  2. Natalie, the hummingbird is so amazing isn't it?!

    Christy and Erica, thank you so much for being part of my tour. You ladies are the best!

  3. I totally love this idea! The hummingbird is an awesome choice, too. :)

  4. This is a very good idea, Heather. The picture was fantastic, too!

  5. That hummingbird is gorgeous. I'm impressed with Heather for helping such an important cause.

  6. Isn't Heather a special person and friend. Just dropped by to support Heather and to say thank you for always having been my friends, Roland

  7. Hummingbirds are awesome! Have you ever seen a nest? They have little tiny precious eggs - and they're very protective, lol! Just finished your book, Heather - loved it!

  8. Wow, I did not know they were an endangered species!! Thank you for hosting Heather and her remarkable cause on your blog :)

  9. Madeline, thank you! :)

    Lorelei, thank you. It's important to me to leave the world better than I found it.

    Theresa, it really is! And thank you so much. *blushes*

    Roland, you are the sweetest!

    Lady, I haven't seen one but I'd love to! Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed Spruce Knoll. Thank you!!!

    Saba, it's sad isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Once, a hummingbird stopped about a foot in front of my face and just held there, looking at me. I stayed so still, feeling like I was in a magic zone for the longest time.
    Love this tour and best wishes, Heather!


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