a list of recent faves: LINKS FOR YOU

---as in posts or sites i've recently saved in my favorites.  enjoy! 

Susan Says:  Revision, or Helping Me Help You!

Wild About Words:  40 Reasons I Love S.C.B.W.I.

Miss Snark's First Victim:  Baker's Dozen: Reasons for Rejection

Jill Corcoran Books:  Activate Your Story

Oasis for YA:  Writer's Wednesday:  The First 250

Roni Loren-Fiction Groupie:  The (Not So) Dreaded Synopsis:  5 Tips To Set You Free

Kathleen Ortiz:  Synop-what?

The Creative Penn:  Self-Publishing and the Definition of an Indie Author

How I Became a Best Selling Author

happy friday to you all!  have a wonderful weekend.  i hope you get your shopping and wrapping done (if those things are on your to do list!)  otherwise, write, eat and put your feet up!



  1. These are just what I needed on a Sunday morning, thank you! I hope you ladies had a great weekend too.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for these links. I found them quite useful. :)


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