I could have written a blog post for you today. 

Instead, I wrote my chapter. (A few days ago we posted that we're dedicating ourselves to one chapter per day, no matter what, regardless of writer's block.)

 I thought about writing my chapter in this space and killing two birds with one stone, but decided against it.  Since my posts tend to be chapter-length*, I'm saving you time.  (You're welcome.)With that time, you should move your mouse up to that little X.  See it?  In the upper right hand corner of your screen?  Yup.  That's the one. Close out of the Internet.  Use this time I'm giving you to go and write your own chapter. 

If you want, when it's written, you can come back and share a teaser from it in our comments.  I'd LOVE to have a bunch of teasers to come back to and read.  How fun to find what writing you've all been up to!

I'll get you started.  Once I'm done with my chapter, I'll come back and post a teaser.

Then it'll be your turn.


* okay, so that's one of those pesky hypens again.  i'm never quite sure when to use them and when not to.  in this case?  you tell me.  please. really. help a girl out!

(whoops.  wrote the chapter, fell asleep, and just came back now to post my teaser.  here it is!

I stared at him.  That was not what I wanted to hear.  That would mean my problem was really a problem. )


  1. Love this! Nice job in writing that chapter. Hopefully, I'll be able to hanker down soon, and write a few new ones myself. :)

  2. You crack me up!
    Chapters win out -- as it should be.
    BTW I love the teaser.

  3. Hahaha! You're too funny. I definitely need to close out of the internet and get to work. But when I'm blue I want my work to go eff itself, even if it's not my books fault...okay fine...I'll apologize for lashing out at my book...;)

    Great job on your chapter!! And love the teaser!

  4. none of you are really going to go and write now, are you? where are your teasers, writers? :0)

  5. I revised a chapter today, does that count? Here's a teaser:
    “We’re not wrong!” Nick balled his hands into fists. “You saw those files, those names. You heard him on the phone with one of those names. What more do you need? To catch him in the act?”
    I lifted one eyebrow. “That would help.” My voice shook.

  6. Okay, consider me GONE. Nice teaser BTW.
    But, I'll leave you with my teaser:
    The sprinklers activated and washed away the lingering thoughts of Jesse's lips pressed against mine. Relieved, I opened my eyes and found him staring at me, his bright blue eyes lingering on my lips.

  7. thanks ms. larson, mary and colene! i hope your writing goes well. @vicki--that counts! and LOVE your teaser! i so want to know what they heard on the phone! @kari--good girl. you should listen to me. :0) also, i love claire and jesse. i hope he grabs her and kisses her in one of the next lines! christy

  8. Love the font girls. Can't get mine to look nice and funky...oh well. Okay, I'm in the mood to play. I just finished a short erotica so I'll post a couple of lines for fun.

    "Apart from his silver-white wings, there wasn’t anything angelic about his looks. Danger and sexual prowess were stamped all over him—particularly in the intensity of his blue eyes and the hint of a wicked smile at the corners of his mouth. A damn full mouth. Any woman would desire him." --Wicked Angel, coming soon to Cobblestone Press.

  9. I refuse to get off the internet because I am loving the internet tonight. And so incredibly grateful for the friends that I have.

  10. Hyphens. They are my bugbear, because I want to use them ALL THE TIME. So, here's what I've managed to glean by checking every usage manual I could get my hands on for the past few weeks:

    Use the hyphen for compound modifiers before a noun. In your example, 'chapter-long posts' would be correct. But, if the adjective is not directly before the noun, you don't need the hyphen. So, 'my posts are chapter long' is correct, even though I think it looks ridiculous.

    Do not use a hyphen for compound modifiers that include an adverb. 'I am an irresponsibly-lazy student' is incorrect; 'irresponsibly lazy student' is correct. (This statement is totally true, btw.) The reason for this is that adverbs are modifiers by definition, so no further clarification is required.

    Outside of those two circumstances, the writing book I've just finished reading recommends hyphenating modifiers if you can't reverse their order or remove one of them without damaging their sense, as in 'chapter-long posts'. You could say 'long posts', but not 'long chapter posts' or 'chapter posts' and have it still carry the same meaning.

    I hope that helps! It helped me to write it down, that's certain.


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