That's What Friends Are For

We haven't done a post about erica and christy's random emails back and forth lately. Welcome to the place we like to call...dumdumdumdum...The Inbox of Random.

erica's inane comments are in blue. christy's inane comments are in purple. Feel free to add stuff from YOUR inbox in our comments. Or, you know, try to guess what the heck we're talking about down there! **

everybody just up and vanished RECENTLY! didn't see that coming...or the no worms factor...so interesting!!!!

He was the second one in the procession and only lost his ball once.

I have no idea what donkey basketball is.

Weight lifters are not known for their brains.

i'd rather clear things up as i go than have a ton in the end!

I have to pee.

 it's like a win win win win for everyone involved.

Where do we live?

i'm excited to make bad things happen.

If he decides to mentor Kaleb and they end up in some sort of parallel universe where girls aren't allowed - trust me - NO ONE IS MORE SORRY THAN I AM!!!

wrote titally the first time, changed it for you

Pretty soon I'm going to stand in the doorway and stare at them until they feel uncomfortable and leave.
good night!

**erica and christy reserve the right to use a language known only to them as "emailspeak". Thank you for your understanding.
*** these are taken from only three threads. see why an explosion would be messy?


  1. holy cats! i will titally have to be more careful the next time i email...never know when it might get published! hehe. our emails back and forth have always been funny. i think we should share our random hillarity more often. :0) and i m curious to know how many of our blog friends know what donkey bball is! christy

  2. Hahaha!! I love it. Especially the stare until they leave. Totally do that. And it totally works...half the time.

  3. Those are definitely random. Sounds like you guys have tons of fun.


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