Tuesday Progress Notes

So, I (erica) just went to our friend Nicole's blog and realized we haven't posted a Tuesday progress report in a long, long time!

WS4U is a group on Facebook that both of us belong to. Most of the members have author-type FB pages, including Christy at times. I post funny things about my kids instead. BUT in the WS4U group, we all share writing advice, questions, contests, etc. and I enjoy going there almost every day even when I don't have time to do any blog hopping (apparently, because I'm FBing. sigh)

Anyway, recently I posted about the great "Erica's becoming a plotter" experiment. I'm very pleased to say it's working!! I'm on exercise 65, which means I've fleshed out my characters, written many subplot ideas, and have a 200-word pitch and a 1,200-word synopsis. Yay!! All of this, IhopeIhopeIhope will lead to a quick first draft. I mean 3rd draft, since this is a rewrite, but hey, it's PROGRESS!!

Christy is taking a couple of vacation days this week and I'll be gone for awhile next week. How about you? Any vacation plans? Mine involve going here SUPER BIG YAY!!!:


  1. Yay for becoming a plotter!!! Congrats! The world of plotting leads to a very happy world of editing. :) I recently got back from vacation and it was fabulous. I hope you have just as much fun on yours!

  2. I am delighted the PLOTTER experiment is working. Mine is failing miserably. MISERABLY. I hate this book. I wake up every morning and say, "Man, I hate this book."

    I have no vacation plans except to survive the summer:)

  3. Exercise 65! 65!!!! That kind of made my stomach hurt... :) I'm pretty much a pantster with only a vague idea of what's going to happen. Good luck with it!

  4. Stopping in on my vaycay, since I was finally able to log into the internet! I think it's time I say, "Erica, I'm so very proud of you!" First of all, the novel you are working on is going to be a BIG hit. I've loved it since draft one. And the fact that you are working so hard and so much this summer is amazing. And I'm only slightly jealous, because my own writing (time) has been minimal! Go you! (AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!) Christy

  5. I hope you're both enjoying your summer break. Since we just bought a house, no vacation for us other than staying (for free) with family.

    Wow, that's a lot of plotting! Good luck.

  6. I'm not a huge plotter, but I do a little, and then organize everything on my first rewrite.

    Have fun on vacation!


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