Camping and - why, hello, Wednesday!

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with family, right? I mean, seriously, is it? Because this is how it went for me (erica) (no, these aren't my actual pictures):

One tent, complete with thin walls and a solar panel on top:

It hasn't rained in Merrimac, WI for over a month. So it did this as soon as I drove in the parking lot:

Then it turned into 100 flipping degrees in the shade for the rest of my trip:

No shade because all my cousins (it was a family reunion) got there before me and took all the shaded campsites, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE CAMPERS WITH AIR CONDITIONING AND KNEW THAT I DIDN'T (yes, I did shout at them about this, thanks for asking):

No husband because he had to work:

Three boys with me in the tent because I took on an extra:

I only forgot one thing, but it was kind of an important thing. I had to use a rolled up beach towel:

The campground also boasts (okay, they actually keep it a secret) a rare kind of bug-spray-repellent super bugs called chiggers:

The pond at our campground was really low and stinky because of the lack of rain, so no one really wanted to go in it for long, which is a bummer because we go there every year and typically I'll spend some relaxing time on a raft while my kids climb on the inflatables:

So we had to be in the super crowded pool where you could barely swim and I spent an entire 5 minutes of 3 days in it to give the kids more room:

My six-year-old and my cousin's six-year-old did the dunk tank about a million times:

But yet, you'll find me there again next year, doing mostly the same things. Because it brings me closer to my cousins - whom I usually only see once a year - and my boys (there's no room in that tent, so closeness is required!). Plus, no matter what, there's a pool and a pond, and a dunk tank, and freedom to do just about anything they want (as long as there's a lifejacket, in the case of the little one). Next year, though, I'm having my 11-year-old bring a friend. Moody at 11 I can barely stand, but if he's worse at 12 I just might zip myself in the tent and hope for asphyxiation.

Happy Wednesday! Any camping stories?

fyi - my husband draws the line at posting pics of my kids. apparently I have no problems posting pics of other people's kids, but hey, they posted them first!


  1. I used to be in the Boy Scouts. SO MANY CAMPING STORIES.

    But, first, what is a CHIGGER? What is that? I read the article link. They sound disgusting and painful and THINGS. I'll stick to our TICKS thank you very much.

    Umm. I've forgotten what else I was going to say soo...

    <3 <3 <3

  2. LOL! Oh gosh honey, that sounds positively awful! Not sure I'd brave it, even for my cousins.

  3. LOL! This is HILARIOUS! And oh, girl. I got into chiggers at my mammaw's once, and it was AWFUL. She rubbed cold cream all over the spots--said it "smothered" them. --? Don't know if this is fact, but I felt better.

    The one time I went camping for real was when I taught high school and the Explorers needed a chaperone. My older brother helped me, and we nearly FROZE. I'm not lying. But it was fun! I haven't really wanted to repeat the experience, though... ;p <3

  4. You are a better person than me and this post made me LOL!

    We go glamping once every two years and even then I dread it...but the kids ADORE it!

  5. Hi Erica! I'll be the kids see as the highlight of their summer - and what a wonderful mom you are to keep going back for more. :) That being said, I despise camping and don't plan on EVER doing it again. Your marvelous (and hilarious) pictorial only reinforces this stance - thanks!

  6. We don't go camping because of my husband's health but wish we could take my daughter camping. Ugh to the chiggers. I thinks some bit me or another biting creature when I was in Texas last week. Itchy!


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