That pesky POV

So, I've done it. I wrote all the exercises I could and have started the new first draft of my middle-grade adventure/ghost story/whatever it is. No, I didn't do ALL of the exercises, but I did 70 of them. I still believe in the process I've been following and if I get stuck again, I'll move on in the exercises without a second thought, but for now, I'd like to write based on the synopses and scenes I've already planned out.

If there's been one constant through all my writing and revision and rewriting and plotting of this story, it's that I'm not in control. My main character, Kaleb, either pushes the story along or stops it in its tracks, all willy-nilly like any normal 12-year-old boy.

And what's he done this time? He's asked me to write in 3rd person. I don't know how to write in 3rd person. I've never even written a short-story in 3rd person, even back in 5th grade when I started writing (and yes, I still have some of those stories, so I know). DANG IT KALEB, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO FOR ONCE???!!!!

There. Yes, the yelling helped a little. Those of you with preteen children will understand. ;)

So, I'm researching pov. Yes, I know what 3rd person is. Yes, I've read a lot of books written in 3rd person, including some great middle-grade (which is probably what caused this problem in my subconsciousness anyway). But, I figured it can't hurt to do a bit of research before I muck up my first draft again. Or it'll help me convince Kaleb he's okay baring his soul in 1st person. Either/or is fine with me.

I'll share the links here, just in case your characters are being as difficult as mine are. Add to them in the comments - along with suggestions for 3rd person writing!

An intro to POV - and a good reminder that everything takes practice. Another one from our friend Heather

Nathan Bransford on 1st vs. 3rd

Janice Hardy knows all - a great list of her blog posts on POV

Thoughts on "Deep POV" - the post is by a romance author, but makes some interesting points no matter the genre

Middle grade advice from D&G - not necessarily POV, but worth reading

So, all in all, not many links. Most explained what POV was, but no tips on writing it. Guess I just have to, you know write it. haha Thanks for visiting and listening!


  1. 3rd person has always been my natural writing state. It's what I love to read so it just fit. As for how to write it, the best advice I can give it to read only books that are in third person for a while. Immerse yourself in it and hopefully it will then become natural.

  2. Yup. Just jump in and write it. You can fix it later. Good luck!

  3. Ah, POV. What a little fiend you are. I write more comfortably in 3rd person, but that's partly because the first books I read were the Little House series. I didn't know you could do anything but 3rd person for the longest time. :)


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