Monday Mealtime Madness

Remember these posts?  We used to do them every Monday.  We forgot, so maybe you did too!

This week, I'll be in Breckinridge, CO with my husband's family.  Every July we get together with his mom, brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews for a few short days.  He is one of five children, the lucky duck.  (I am an only child.)  Each family takes a turn with making a breakfast a dinner for the clan.  He and his sister are taking their turn together, making a meal Tuesday night.  He suggested a salmon recipe.  Here it is:

Mix together soy sauce (enough to cover the filet), a squirt or three of lemon juice, a sprinkle (or crushed clove) of garlic, and a few tablespoons of brown sugar.  Marinate the salmon in this mixture.  Then, make a tray out of aluminum foil, place the salmon and mixture inside.  Slide the tray on the grill and cook until flaky.  This goes great with baby red potatoes (include onions, butter, asiago cheese--also in an aluminum foil tray) and cooked green beans (steam them or put them in another handy dandy tray on the grill with butter, salt, pepper (and a sprinkle of garlic)!


  1. Have fun in the state. I've never been over to Breckenridge, but I hear it's pretty. =o)

    The salmon sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Oh that sounds delish!! I haven't been to Breck in years. My BFF lived there for a while and I used to go all the time. Back when SOuth Park just came out and I was young and oh the memories...
    Happy 4th! :)


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