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T is for Twilight

(the video above (apparently) is from a guy who put his video camera on a mountain in spain...wherever the images came from, i thought they were beautiful.  i'm not sure where the music is from either, my guess is george winston, but...?  this post was about the wonderment of it all, not the facts.  sorry if that disappoints!)


  1. Very nice. I'm more of a violin or bagpipes person myself but this was beautiful! And T is definitely for Twilight. Um hum!

  2. I loooooove the new look! Haven't been here in ages. Sorry! :-S

    That video is gorgeous. Thanks for putting it up!

  3. that's really gorgeous. I've never seen it before--thanks, guys! :o) <3

  4. Sorry, christy, but every time I think of Twilight, I'm reminded of our inappropriate giggling at the Writer's Institue luncheon!! :)

  5. That really was gorgeous. Okay, I'm going to make some deviled eggs for tomorrow, and then I'm going to sit down and get out some of this inspiration.

    Edward looks so *sparkly* in that picture!

  6. I really want to watch that video - especially to hear the music - but it just stops after a few seconds... :-( What's it called? Can I find it on YouTube?

    Hm, I think Eward's bling is a little overdone in that picture!

  7. That IS the muse of all muses. Some of it lookled like Hawaii. But ya know, I was driving thru the south of Spain at night once, and had to stop and get out and admire the stare. It was astounding. Just like in the video. Only place I've ever seen more stars is in Costa Rica... you can literally see the galaxy dust. There is so much light pollution here in Tampa, we never see a sky like that. SO sad cuz it really remids us how small we are.

  8. Thanks for sharing that link. I watched it last night. SO BEAUTIFUL!


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