yup. that about sums up our saturday now that the a-z challenge is ova.

once we're done doing that you can find us reading.

christy's going all sci-fi now with her newest novel idea all shooting excitement out her fingertips.  she just finished I Am Number Four and is now about to devour Across the Universe

btw:  sci fi is the new black.

 if you have any other sci fi novels (for a girl who never thought she'd read/write sci fi) PLEASE let me know so i can add them to my tbr list!  ("light" sci fi with a bit of romance, please)

oh, and a Z book:

i haven't read this, but according to the reviews it's all virtual reality games, zombies and drugs.  YA.  click for more info from amazon.com

(we made it! we made it!)
thanks for joining us bloggy friends! 

we're so excited to hang out with you at your blogs over the next few months! 
don't forget, we're changing our blog schedule for may and will post
mondays (erica) and thursdays (christy).  


  1. Now I'm sleepy! LOL! I'll be very curious to see what Christy thinks of Across The Universe. I loved it, save for one small (massive) sci-fi issue. I'm curious to see who else catches it. So far, not many have.

  2. Hmm, Heather, now I'm wondering. I read Across the Universe right when it came out (I won a copy), but I don't think I know enough about sci-fi to identify the error. I did have some other issues with it (primarily that it seemed too predictable for me, but that's opinion and not a review).

  3. Woot and congrats- we all did it- we survived a rigorous schedule.

  4. That is a great plan. And now I'm curious about the error in Across the Universe, although I may not be sci-fi geeky enough to spot it. I'm planning to read it first as soon as this dreaded semester is over! After I get some zzzzs, that is.

  5. Adorable pics.

    Well, ladies, we got through the challenge. YAY! Congrats. It's been a LONG month. Now maybe I can finish BG edits. CP's are waiting....

    I hope you both enjoy the weekend.


  6. aww... I started working on a light scifi with a bit of romance last summer, but I put it down for something different. That something different is now "out there," so here's hoping! :D

    and zzz... you guys r making me sneepy~

  7. 24 HOURS AFTER STARTING ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, I FINISHED IT! Books consume me. My family only lets me read every so often.... Heather, I'm just NOT sure what you are referring to, but I'm going to think on it and then we must TALK!!! christy

  8. We survived!

    I've never read Across the Universe, but I keep hearing about it lately, so I guess I should probably check it out.

    Those pictures are dreamy. It's 1:30. I should probably go to sleep now.

  9. Love the pics :)
    Congrats on completing the A-Z Challenge - you are awesome!

  10. Well played, ladies. Congrats on finishing!


    Ohhh. Thankees for the book too. Zombies, drugs AND reality games? Hmmmm. Awesome!

  12. I enjoyed both I AM NUMBER FOUR and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE :-)
    Yay for the end of the challenge!

  13. I loved Across the Universe. It was really well done. I don't think of myself as a sci-fi fan, so I have no idea what to recommend. I heard Black Hole Sun was good.

    I especially loved the photo of the wrinkly dog above Snoopy!

    Enjoy your zzzzzzz's!

  14. Congrats on finishing the challenge!! :) LOVE the pics too - enjoy the books!

  15. Yay for YA sci fi! I'm in big love with it. But not just cuz it's trendy, but because it ROCKS. Always has, always will!


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