Water is good

There are so many words I could use for our W post today. Writing would be an excellent topic. Discussing WIPs would be fun. Since we're both teachers, talking a bit about our Work could be interesting. We're from Wisconsin, so, umm, duh, EVERYONE wants to know more about Wisconsin. W fell on a very timely day, so poems or thoughts about Wednesday would be completely appropriate. Choices, choices.

I (erica), chose Water.

{Water for Elephants}WATER FOR ELEPHANTS BY GRUEN, SARA[paperback]on 01 May -2007
Heard of this book yet?

Seen the movie yet?

Robert Pattinson -- whose fans know him best as Edward Cullen, the vampire lead in the "Twilight" movie series, plays Jacob Jankowski in "Water for Elephants." In this role, he is an Ivy League-trained veterinary student who joins the circus during the Great Depression.

One quick thing before we go - thanks so much for sticking with us through the A to Z Challenge. Part of the challenge was to go out and try to visit as many sites a day as we can. Yeah, blogfail, erica and christy. WE WILL, WE WILL, we promise, but man, April is almost over. We have a plan for May and we promise that if you're here for the A to Z and not commenting or following because you think we're ignoring you, we promise were aren't doing it on purpose. We love our blogging friends!!

So, it's Wednesday. Go Write!! (if you need inspiration, write about Wisconsin)

Ooh, and go Win (some books, including Randy Russell's, yay!): a 1,000th follower contest here!


  1. YAY! I'm first today.... IT's been a long time since I was first.

    LOVE THAT SHOWER!!! A-Z was a tough challenge. Many of us haven't visited a fraction of new blog sites. How could anyone visit 1200 plus blogs in a month.

    For those who have, I salute you. I hope you have Warm Weather in Wisconsin today ladies.

    Sun the thunderstorms in Florida today. I'm off to Orlando in a bit. The wind down for the big birthday on Friday. I hope to see you both at my birthday bash.... Virtual cake for all. I can have as much as I want...YAY!

  2. That shower does look amazing! Water is good- I just don't like to drink it plain :) Have a terrific day!

  3. Water, ahhhh. Makes me think of freshness, life, cleansing, quenching. Nice.

  4. Hilarious and shameless. Christy, are you sure you aren't one of those women who write for Twitarded????

  5. Water is an excellent choice for the A-Z challenge! It is important to us in so many ways and is a big part of us. And don't worry, we've enjoyed hanging around through the challenge. :)

  6. Without water life on this planet wouldn't be possible. Awesome choice for the letter W!

  7. ME. WANT. THAT. SHOWER. oh, and, ahem...TEAM JACOB-RIGHT HERE. yeah, that's right. christy (who is not an author at twitarded) :0)

  8. I want that shower too.

    I'll be reading Water for Elephants, but I'm still on the fence about seeing it.

  9. Water? WATER? What about Wood!

  10. LOL (to post and comments)! I want that shower, too. But then I'd never get out and that wouldn't be good for the environment and I'd feel super guilty all the time.

    I had lunch today with a friend who is (an intelligent grown woman with two children) a huge RPattz fan. *head shakes*

  11. Water is good. Have I said that yet?? (wow, that shower really is awesome, although I'm not sure why it's right in front of the house's door in the picture)


  12. I second W for Water too. Especially for health aspect and the shower... I want one.


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