Y? Because we love you.

Tomorrow is the end of the A-Z challenge. Today we are announcing our May schedule for us, erica and christy. We will not be posting daily for the month in an attempt to stay sane get our mojo back.

As we mentioned before, there was a bit of an unintentional blog fail by both of  us in April. We were bad virtual friends. We expected you to come here and we only occasionally reciprocated. We only found a few new blogs to follow (not because they weren't out there, just because we didn't hop around much!).

We already know May is going to be busy. It's the end of the school year, so we've got more than just the daily teaching stuff to do - there are also assessments and parent-teacher conferences and (for erica) a pesky federal review coming up.

Plus, we gave ourselves a May 30th deadline to vomit out finish the first drafts of our WIPs.

Which doesn't give us enough time to continue to post daily AND come over to your house and play. It really wouldn't be fair to do that two months in a row. Your houses are pretty and we miss them.

Next month, erica will post on Mondays and christy will post on Thursdays. We will each visit the blogs of others (i.e. you) twice a week.

Y? Because we love you and miss you and want to be better friends (as well as better readers, writers, moms, and teachers). Thanks for sticking with us and we'll see you soon well, tomorrow, since I've been informed that Y is not, in fact, the last letter of the alphabet.

I know, I know, I keep telling you I want more happy books and then go and post pictures of bleak, depressing books. This is another reason why we need more time to read not only to find happy books, but to find books that start with any of the last six letters of the alphabet.

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  1. Don't beat yourselves up over the blogging thing. I've been REALLY bad during the challenge too. PS: Adore Margaret Atwood. I haven't read the Year of The Flood yet because I haven't yet read Onyx and Crake. But have read all her other books. She's a genius!

  2. You must be exhausted after all of this. Definitely take time to get your mojo back. Getting your first drafts completed is your first priority. :D

  3. You all are cute...as you know, I gave up on R. Super proud of both of you!

  4. I agree with the mojo thing! It's been a lot to do for April. I'm going down to twice a week for May for the same reason. And I was bad about getting around too. DOn't feel bad. We can only do what we can do.

  5. You are human. People get it. I will still show up. I get around when I can and either people accept that or they don't, I can't prevent it. We all have obligations and need some time to ourselves occasionally. Best wishes. :D

  6. Ya, I'm experiencing the same kind of blog guilt. But you won't get any complaining out of me, because you paid me some nice visits this month. Thanks. :) Exciting plans for may---I can't believe two TEACHERS gave themselves a May 30 deadline. You are two wild and crazy girls!

  7. Hey, that's my blog posting schedule too. Twice a week is much more manageable than everyday, which is why I chose not to participate in the A-Z thing. While it was highly entertaining to read all those posts, it was awfully time-consuming - and I was just reading them, not writing a post each day.

    Good luck with the end of the school year (we go until late June)!

  8. Sigh... it's going to be so lonely. But get to work on those WiPs! Or else! (I don't know 'or else' what, but... we'll think of something.)

    And I have to announce that I have no books beginning with Y, although I do have a rather ridiculous story that involves The Yearling.

  9. Thanks, guys (er, girls)! We'll be over to visit soon!

    And Su, now I want to know that story. :P

  10. Hi, ladies,

    What a long, fun day.... I was lucky to have a perfect day today. After 97 degrees and high humidity yesterday, a cold front came in last night and today was gorgeous. I spent the day at Epcot visiting all the countries around the world. I'm pooped.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and the cupcake....


  11. Sounds like a great idea to help you balance time. Wow, you're both attempting to finish your novels by the end up May?! Best of luck ladies, you can do it!


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