It's Saturday Already?? Yay!!!

Stupid week. Oh well, all's well that doesn't end in a lost eye, right? shut up, that's a saying. er

Moving on. . . you know how me and christy actually admit to enjoying the Twilight series? Well, we still do. And yes, we both saw Breaking Dawn. And double yes, we laughed at this parody. It's both delightfully witty and extremely disturbing. Do yourself a favor and break out a glass of wine or two (if you're not 21, it's okay. you still have that great sense of humor the rest of us need wine to break out!) (or maybe that's just me this week).

Wishing us all a very happy next week. Please???!!!!!!!


  1. I watched Breaking Dawn with my kids the other night..the actual movie kind of felt like a parody.

    I liked the first three books...as did my daughters. But my oldest actually threw BD across the room at one point (I think it was "Renesmee") and I didn't blame her!

    Can't wait to see what Hilly does with it!

  2. ROTFL! This is awesome. Just what I needed to start my day ladies. Thank you so much!

    And I couldn't agree more with your daughter, Storyqueen. I couldn't believe Renesmee was the best the author could come up with!

  3. Hi, ladies,

    Sounds like you had a fun night. Busy at a real estate seminar this weekend. I had signed up for it three years ago (before writing),and spent a lot of money, so I needed to do it or lose it. What a LONG and drawn out three days. NOTHING like my fabulous time at the SCBWI conference in NYC.

    Have a great week and stay warm. Tomorrow our high is only going to be 66... it was a high of 84 today. What gives?


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