question for you

This post will showcase how little I know about publishing.  Maybe you know more and can answer my questions.

Why, when two books are in the same genre and incorporate the same components:   strong mc, two conflicting love interests, good writing, twists and turns, world building, etc does one gain more attention, higher revenue, more publicity and even movie rights when the other doesn't?

Is it the agent?  The publishing house?  Some tiny writerly thing that I'm overlooking during my comparison?


  1. G.R.E.A.T. question. I am also eager to know the answer. Please @reply me when you find it out @Chris_Ledbetter

  2. You know, I don't know! And I don't know what books you're thinking about here, but it seems like I've run across this scenario before. I'm thinking it's most likely the agent. He or she is either tougher, pushier or has better connections in the industry.

    I've decided selling books is a lot like selling houses. From the writer's perspective, I mean. :o) <3

  3. A bigger publisher? Better publicist? The right person happened to read the back of the book and think "hey this would make a great movie" and never happened to come across the other one because the last copy of it was picked up by the wrong person minutes earlier?? ;)

  4. Honestly, I sometimes think it is the cover and word of mouth. I tend to go for novels with a better cover. Visual learner...LOL!

  5. Well, I'd have to say that it's a lot more than just having those things in common. The two books are going to have two different protagonists, worlds, plots, etc. They might both be good, or even great, but one may resonate with people more than the other. Maybe it's a fresher idea. Maybe it's more relatable. Maybe it's just more fun to read. It's the details that count, not the similarities.

  6. :shrug: I wish I knew what it was that made people pick one book and not the other, because then I'd probably be published. LOL


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