Stuff Moms Know Nothing About

My (erica's) son turned 11 last week. And he - he of Ireaddeathlyhallowswheniwas8 fame - is deleriously happy reading books about cats. CATS!!


There is apparently an entire serious about cats that is - and yes, I quote - "so awesome." My friend who is a grade 4-6 librarian concurs with that assessment.

So, here's my "duh, I'm an aspiring middle grade author and I never heard of this series" moment:

Into the Wild (Warriors, Book 1) 

The first book is free on your Kindle. And once your 11-year-old falls in love, each subsequent book is $5.99. Did I mention there's like 33 books in the series? Marketing genius, I tell you!!

Anyway, I am so glad my son found another series he loves. He's on book 5 and can't stop raving. If you love Middle Grade, don't be scared by the crazy-looking fox/cat/like creature on the front and get it. Also, find out if your library carries it in order to save hundreds of dollars. :)

Congratulations Erin Hunter on developing a series of books about cats to appeal to a kid who has never owned a cat nor ever (even as a toddler) liked TV shows or movies about anything other than humans. A kid who reads at a way-above-age level who has a hard time finding books his teacher approves of him reading. A kid who has read the entire Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series(es) and never thought he'd find another.

Thank you, Erin Hunter. For giving my kid a love of reading (again). Also, for giving my husband second thoughts when he heard our 11-year-old was reading a book about cats and said "They better be ninja cats" and Zach said "Yep. Pretty much." :)

Have you read them? Any other great series recommendations? (any genre)


  1. Some of my daughter's friends loved this series. My daughter loved the Percy Jackson and Hunger Games series. Read both of them multiple times.

  2. My daughter loved these books for years, until she got too old, and declared she was "over them, dad."

  3. The only book I liked about cats when I was his age was "101 Uses for a Dead Cat"

    You better start raising that boy right before he turns into a Packers fan!

  4. I've never read this series, but I'd heard of it. I think it's awesome your 11 yr old found a good series to enjoy. Since he's read HP and PJ, has he ever tried the Nightmare Academy books by Dean Lorey? If he loved the other two series, I'm betting he'll love those, too. (I know I did, but I'm a forty-something gal.) Oh, and the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull.

  5. This is so funny to me because I just went through this exact scenario with my own son--13. He got a kindle for Christmas and got the first Warriors book. I had heard of them before, but I had NO IDEA there would be so many in the series. 33!?

    After he read the first one, he asked to get the second...and then the next...and then the next.... After we bought about 7 I asked How many freaking books are in this series? His answer: A lot.

    Yeah. So. Who knew books about cats could be so interesting. My son is a great reader, he's read Hunger Games, the HP books, and all kinds of good stuff. So his love of this cat series really surprised me. But hey, he's reading!

  6. My son is addicted to these books, too. She's written like 30 or something, and I think he's read about 20 or so. Good stuff!

  7. My 9 yo enjoys the books, not that he's read many of them. My 12 yo looked at them as said, "Whatever." And that was the end of that.

  8. The Edge Chronicles for sure. My son discovered them back when he was 11 or so. When he was 15, he bought the last book in the series, which proves that love was pretty enduring.


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