Serious business

Remember our blog? The one where we try to post everyday?? (note the use of the word try...) It's being used for good today, folks. (and, well, of course it didn't go as scheduled and now it's 12 hours later and I'm manually posting it. darn it, blogger, why do you do this to us?)
I (erica) have this really good author friend. One I know for sure is legit. And she has this other good author friend - one she knows for sure is legit. He's hurting because his son is very, very sick. One moment - stellar college student. Next moment - so sick no one is sure he'll live. Read Joshua's story here.

Go here to help. Give what you can and get something back (even if it's karma. Karma's good when you do something like this.)

We'll see you soon friends. Take care!

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