#16 - and the Harry Potter Blogfest

#16 on the list of best/worst things about being an aspiring novelist: writing vs. reading (and a blogfest - it's down there - points down - start with the part in green)

Everyone knows that to be a good writer, you must be a great reader. I've read hundreds of books - probably thousands - in the 31 years since I first learned how. Recently, though, I've slowed. It's a time thing.

**ducks from rotten tomatoes about to be hurled across the continents**

Which means I haven’t read (most of) the Harry Potter books.

**peeks to see if it’s safe**

Last year, my son wanted to read The Deathly Hallows. He's an advanced reader and sometimes we struggle to find him appropriate books (at that time, he was 8, but reading at a 6th grade level). He'd seen all the HP movies many, many times, so we decided it would be okay, but that I'd read ahead of him in case there was something we should discuss (like the possible elimination of some of his book-friends).

It took me forever to read it. I'm sure there's tons of really clever stuff that I missed because I hadn't read any of the others and some stuff I forgot over the 4 months it took me. I'm sorry. I'll try to catch up eventually.

But man, have you seen those books? They're HUGE. If I take the time to read them all and really, really pay attention so I catch all the clever stuff - I'll never have time to write. Or shower. Or make sure my kids shower.

So, for now, I'll watch the movies (er, glance at the movies over the top of my laptop as I write - it's a Friday night ritual my sons and I have. Sort-of-family-movie-night.)

What books have you missed out on reading lately? Or what have you read that was super awesome and I should drop everything and run out to the nearest library/bookstore to pick up (don't say Harry Potter)?

Oh, yeah, there’s supposed to be a blogfest post in here somewhere
Michael Di Gesu is someone I met through ABNA and I wanted to support his first blogfest (click on his name to learn more). But it's about Harry Potter. And I'm just not smart clever well-versed enough in HP to pull it off. So, instead, I asked my son (who's since read 3 of the books) to write one. He's home sick from school today, so this was perfect timing. Take it away, Zachary.

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Weasleys

Harry looked at the table and couldn't believe it. All the turkey was gone. Nobody got a bite but Ron. His mother, brothers, and Ginny got really angry at him for eating the turkey. Fred (or George, maybe) said, "Well, we're wizards. Can't we just poof up a turkey?"

Mrs. Weasley said, "No you can't, you're underage. At least we have all the stuffing. Wait a minute. Fred? George? Did you eat all the stuffing?"

"It was so good, we couldn't resist."

"Aww, come on," Ginny said.

"I'm starving. Couldn't Mr. Weasley poof up some food? Isn't he of age? Can he do it?"

"Hmm, that would be a good idea, Harry, but he's off at the ministry. He's doing something for the Minister of Magic."

Fred and George tried to make some food with magic, but Hermione caught them.

"Fred? George? Don't even try it or Dumbledore will give you an F for Charms and an F for Defense Against the Dark Arts as punishment."

Mrs. Weasley said, "I'll just go to the Muggle store and get a turkey. Hermione, you're in charge. Everyone can snack on the pumpkin pie. Except for Ron, you should be full of turkey."

"Yeah, I am. I'll take a nap I'm so full," said Ron.

The End. 


  1. Great job, Zachary!! I think we have a future writer in our blogging midst. :)

  2. erica! tell zach he wrote a perfect blogfest entry! yay! next time have jake do it: sdkjhohtrnrfjbgiuehrjewn! hehe christy

  3. Hi Zach,

    I'm impressed, and so far the only one who picked Thanksgiving. I think PK is right, we do have a future writer.

    Thank you for helping you mom write an entry for my blogfest. I hope you had fun writing it.

    Thanks Erica for joining in on the fun.


  4. LOL I had Christmas at the Weasley's, well, sort of. That Ron is one growing boy. Nice work.

    About Harry Potter and why you should read it even though you think it's too much. Never in my life have I read a series where the author introduces something in the first book that is played in the last as an important detail. Rowling had to have had an amazing story board. She doesn't lecture the reader either about the things she taught Harry, Ron and Hermione early on.

    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. Oh how wonderful! I love encouraging young writers! Zachary-you got these boys (and their bottomless stomachs) down! Well done!

    Erica-MAKE the time to read the books. TWICE. Three times even (you don't necessarily need to hit the even dozen I have). They are so well written that it is like taking writing lessons. I am COMPLETELY serious about that.

  6. Yes, I find myself not able to read as much. I'm slowing getting through Graceling- I love it, but it's just hard to find the time to read anymore. I mostly fit it in while I wait 10 years in the car line to pick my daughter up for school. The car is so awkward that I can't really write or take notes. So that helps.

    Love the little HP story from your son!

  7. Thanks everyone, I'm off to read the others now. (blog entries, not HP books. Maybe next summer...)

    My favorite part of Zach's is the "poof up some turkey" reference. Also that it never occurs to anyone to have Mrs. Weasley poof some up. haha

    And yes, christy, Jake's story would look like that (he's 4, so his typing skills aren't quite there yet!).

  8. okay, okay, nancy and hart--you've pretty much convinced me to give reading them a try. not that i didn't want to before. i just kept putting it off. but a writing lesson while reading i could use. i really was just waiting until my boys were a little older, saving them for our bedtime read alouds. thanks for stopping by to read erica and zach's post for the fest!


  9. Aw bless, I agree, you've got an impressive little writer there! Not to mention his reading such a tome of a novel at just 8!
    Em x

  10. LOL, oh that was fun, out of food what a problem...lol

  11. Great big thumbs up for Zach. That was a great story ... well done.

    Oh I wish I could poof up some turkey!

    (and poor Mr Weasley, stuck at the MoM!)

  12. Well done! My favorite line: "Can't we just poof up a turkey?" Hahah!

  13. Fun story! It's so like Ron to eat all the turkey!

  14. Ron really does eat everything in sight!!! Fun entry!

  15. Awww - too cute! I loved his story!

    You so have to read all the books - they're awesome! Hope you enjoy them when you finally have a minute (I know how kids cut into reading time!).

  16. I'm amazed how different everyone's entries are!Great stuff. :O)

  17. Zachary has quite a talent with prose. But I think Ron has a surprise coming during his sleep from Hermione or his twin brothers get revenge for him eating all the turkey!

  18. Haha. Great job, Zachary - that's SO Ron! My favorite part was this: "Fred (or George, maybe)" hee hee.

    And I am feeling negligent on the Hunger Games series. Keep hearing about it. Not even close to getting a chance to. But I'll get there...just as soon as YOU pick up a Harry Potter book. ;)

  19. Zach is loving these comments - thanks for making his life happier when he's sick and we're homebound due to a blizzard!

    (Nicki - I haven't read The Hunger Games, either. But really, I'm already reading the Gone series by Michael Grant and there's only so many dead kids I can read about in one year!! But yeah, need to get to that one, too.)

  20. Fantastic entry! I love that you picked Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. It added some freshness.

  21. I wish I could poof up a turkey. It would save me hours of work. :) Good job!

  22. Nicki-that was my favorite part, too! Glad you're sharing these great comments with Zach! Maybe he can do a blogpost or two a week from us! (kidding, kidding....) Hope he's feeling better. And I bet YOU wish you could poof up a turkey tonight. Hope you went to the grocery store before the blizzard! (I went to BW3s...the blizzard seems to have moved east, btw!) christy

  23. sorry, only the first part of that comment went to nicki...the rest to erica!

  24. So...Can I just say, that taking the time off from life to read those books is totally worth it?! DO IT! No...really. Worth it. ;)

  25. Bravo Zackary - you totally nailed Ron. He's such a pig sometimes. I loved your little story. Keep writing - you definitely have a future in it! :D

  26. Well done, Zachary! Poor Ron will be sick later. :)

  27. Aw, such a cute story. I love that you asked Zachary to write it :)


  28. Great job Zach! You're right that Ron is the one always eating. I recognized that right off. Well done (now off to poof up some dinner for my kiddos)!



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