#3 in our countdown of the best/worst things about being an aspiring author is unique to me (erica). Feel free to laugh and point fingers and whisper about me behind my back. Er, I mean leave comments that the whole world could see if they want to. I'm a big girl. I can take it.

BEST - The feeling I get when I think about announcing my (imaginary) book deal. Let's face it, the general public has NO IDEA what it takes to get published, especially by a big house. Agents are for Hollywood stars and athletes, right? The fact that an author (other than Meyers and Rowling and Brown, that is) has use for an agent would be astonishing to most people I know. The work it takes to get one would floor them. But a real, live book with my name on it to show them? That would turn some heads.

What my announcement might look like

WORST: People who know me in real life don't know I write. Well, my husband and kids do, but they don't really get it and never talk to me about it. Not one single person who has ever seen me knows about this blog. So there, you know my big secret. I'm a huge coward.

I can't really say for sure why I don't talk about it. Am I ashamed? No. Have I ever failed at something I really wanted to do? Sure. Will people like/love me less if they knew? I seriously doubt it.

My ABNA and blog friends are super supportive and I love each and every one of you. But part of me wants someone to give me a real, live hug and say "you can do this" well before I break out the fireworks. So in 2011 I will come out of the closet. No longer am I a "Don't ask, don't tell" follower. I haven't quite attained author status. However, I am going to be proud to say

I'm a writer.


  1. Yes you are. And a good one. And you should be proud! Thanks for the post. Oh, and your BEST isn't unique to you. I totally imagine being able to tell people the big news. And I imagine standing in B and N looking at MY book and telling the stranger next to me that I wrote it. Merry Christmas, erica! christy


    It's about time! I can't believe the brash lady with the incredible personality is shy about her writing. You should be proud of your craft. Who has worked harder than you, trying to make it happen!

    You have single handedly helped other aspiring authors, charmed us with your wit, and created impressive writings. You should be screaming it from the rooftops in your neighborhood.

    I found in my experience, that people are excited, impressed, and eager to find out what I have written. It's and incredible feat. I've told strangers on the bus, people on line in stores, and anyone who is remotely interested that I wrote a book. It's amazing how great you feel when their faces light up with interest. Immediately they want to know where to get the book. That is always an uncomfortable moment, but eventually you smile, and tell them you're working on a publishing deal. It's true, we are all working on potential publishing deals.

    I am happy you are strong enough to come out, Erica. The world is waiting for you and they will be thrilled to hear what you have to say.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  3. You are indeed Erica! Embrace it, own it, live it. It isn't easy telling everyone because a lot of misconceptions and expectations come with it. But you have to let go of those and not worry about the people who don't understand. You will be stronger for this and it will give you determination. You go girl!

  4. Thanks, guys.

    Heather, I think you nailed it with the phrase "misconceptions and expectations." Because I'm a teacher in a very small town, everyone already recognizes me. If they suddenly think I'm about to be a millionaire, I'd be embarrassed by my thrift-sale clothes. ;)

  5. Ooh, you should have a coming out party!

  6. I know what you mean, Erica. For a long time I no one knew I wanted to write, and was writing a book for a long time (except my husband and my parents). And then it slowly started to trickle out either by a slip of the tongue by my hubs or even by me. I hate talking about it because most people don't know the whole biz of it. They hear I am writing a book and go OMG, you're going rake in millions of dollars. Um, no, probably not. Plus the thought of everyone knowing I am writing a book, and if I never get published I'll have to tell them I failed. Its the same reason I never told anyone I was auditioning in plays in high school until I actually got the part. I was too scared of everyone seeing my failure. I still don't talk about writing as much, and when my friends ask how it's going, I say "great!" and leave it at that. That will always be my answer until I have the news that I have an agent or whatever. It's just too hard to lay it all out and then fail. But good for you for coming out about it! It's nice to have a group of supportive friends who think you are totally awesome for even writing a whole 94,000 word book let alone getting it published. They stare at me in awe and can't comprehend that number of words. That in itself makes me feel proud and loved.


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