#22 (& award giveaway)

aspiring writers who blog may get this...best part vs. worst part...

 22nd on our countdown list of best/worst thing about being an aspiring writer:

receiving blog awards (yay! the best) and passing them on (we love acknowleging others' awesomeness! still great!) vs the time it takes us, a procrastinating and busy pair, to come up with new tidbits to share with you all (oooh, this takes some time and thought) and the linking and notifying part, although we DO love connecting with you all.  so it's totally worth it.  :0)

speaking of...we got an award recently and we're taking this opportunity to say "thanks so much" and to pass it on!

thanks to lindsey at dangerous with a pen!

(almost) fifteen amazing bloggers, we'd like to pass this award to YOU:

1-dangerous with a pen--fellow teacher, mom, blogger and writer (yes, we regift reaward)  BUT since you already have the award and you've already done all the work, here's a special something for you (and all the others listed below):  virtual flowers.  just take 'em.  no need to pass them on or acknowledge or state seven anythings.  just a simple thank you from us.

2-fellow blog pair (deb and barbara) at the middle ages--blog partners rock!
3-theresa milstein @ a substitute teacher's saga --shares teaching woes and family woes
5-josh @ the weed--runs on the treadmill in the morning, fellow crusader (first round) and dad
6-jeff beesler--because i totally missed his post on the 29th until now...and it was competetive vs comparative...and well, it fits our theme. so naturally i LOVE that post!
7-colene murphy at the journey--great newly discovered blog
9-joanna st james--loyal commenter who also gives great advice (via comments AND her blog!)
10- francine @ romancing the blog for posting pics of hot guys...oh, and helpful posts, too!
11- teachers who blog (can i award myself on another site? it's probably way tacky, but we're just beginning and need some help, and by help i mean YOU!  comments and feedback from fellow teachers, please!)
12- the sisterhood for beautiful, thought-provoking blog posts
13-donea lee the queen of procrastination we LOVE your title. 
14-obsesssions of a  workaholic @ http://neuroticworkaholic.blogspot.com/ ...another busy teacher!
15-catherine @ kangaroobe's blog for a great blog in general...and as and added bonus got me thinking in french for a moment!

to accept the versatile blogger award post it in a blog post.  in that very same post, list seven random bits of info about yourself, pass it on to (almost)15 other bloggers (link to all of them in the blog post) and notify all of them that you've given them an award.

here's my embarrassing seven. (it's me, christy, all the way)

7 tips christy learned the hard way.  (i'm sure none of you are this idiotic, so you'll learn nothing from this.  feel free to have a good laugh, though.  or think i'm a huge jerkly idiot.)

1.  don't email after two glasses of wine and a dessert coffee.  you risk the chance of being a huge jerk. oh, and dessert coffee is pretty potently filled with alcohol.  apparently.
2.  don't drink the above mentioned drinks the night before a 15k race.  you risk the chance of feeling like puking the entire way.
3.  don't sign up to race 9.3 miles when your legs haven't run more than 3 consecutive miles for over two months.
4.  don't send query letters without proofreading first.  don't do an impromptu email edit of a query letter just before sending it off.  you risk the chance of having the first half of the query in past tense and the second in present.  don't then send an apology email for having sent the first poorly written email.  don't send the above mentioned emails to your number one agent pick.
5.  don't be late for work.  too many times.  (i did see a cute coffee cup saying the other day:  i'm not always late.  sometimes i don't show up at all!) cute, but not responsible.  definitely not.  (i'm responsible, really. and a good employee.)
6.  don't place a bun (dinner roll) on a paper plate in the oven to broil.  you risk the chance of starting an oven fire and smoking up the whole house.
7.  don't speed.  tickets are expensive.  and it's unsafe.

THANKS again to really great blogger at dangerous with a pen. check her out if you haven't in the past.  oh, and you have a bit of time to enter her great blogfest and contest yet!  click on her link!


  1. Thank you for the award! My favorite kind - no strings attached.

    The advice for #1 had me laughing. Which goes first - spelling/grammar or coherent thoughts or judgement?

  2. oh cool thanx ladies and congratulations to everyone out there. This is a great way to connect to other blogs

  3. Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it. Seeing as how this is the second time I've gotten that particular award, I can't help but think of how versatile I've become since my blog started catching on fire.

    And thanks for the shoutout for my November 29th post. It definitely seems to be one of my more powerhouse postings to date.

  4. Oh, christy, I laugh everytime I read that list (the 7 things, not the blogs).

    And, Theresa, the first thing to go is the ability send the email to the right person, hehe.

  5. Oh, Christy, I cringed when I read number 4. It sounds like a querying nightmare. I hope the agent was forgiving (?) I am painfully familiar with some of your other ones (which I won't disclose at this time ;) )

    Thanks for the award!!!!!!!!!


  6. Loved the list, have been there myself on many occasions...

  7. Thank you, thank you for my award!! So nice of you ~ :)

    Lol on #6 and #4... :( that totally sounds like something I might do someday...hope not!
    Also love the new blog design, very festive. Love that snowy tree!

    Thanks, again - yay!! Happy Saturday :)

  8. Thank you so much Erica and Christie! And congrats on your award, this sure is a fun blog. You'll soon see how ironic it is that I get this today!

  9. Love your new header btw and all this red and green :)

  10. Thank you so much for the award! It's our first real one and we're pretty excited!

    ♥ Mary Mary

  11. Hahahaha! Paper plate in the oven. Priceless. The whole running after a night of wine made me cringe! Oh no! yuck.

    Thanks so much for the award!! You guys are the best!!

  12. Hi,

    I'm sure I posted a thanks for blog award here, earlier: it's vanished! Damn that's weird.

    I repeat, thanks very much for the award, which I posted up immediately on the award page with promotional E&C remark.;)


  13. Congrats on the award!!

    I have had MANY mishaps with the oven so I FEEL YOU PAIN when it comes to that.


  14. THANKS TO YOU ALL!! :0) I was out and about today and didn't get in to take the time to comment back to you all. YOU'RE ALL VERY WELCOME AND DESERVING! Thanks for all you do at your blogs. We love being part of the blogosphere with you! :0) (And thanks for the sympathetic comments!) Oh, and the agent's assistant that I queried sent me a form rejection a few months after I sent it out...oh well!) Off to check out the irony at catherine's blog!!! :0)

  15. And thanks for the nice comments about our new "color scheme" and wintery trees. Erica is so nice to let me "redecorate". It's our third design and we've only been blogging since September....! My husband told me to leave it. It should have a "trademark" look. I said, "Maybe our trademark will be that it changes." :0)

  16. Hey ladies!! Thanks soooo much. We so appreciate this award coming from our fellow blog-partners.

    Just back from vacay and catching up on all my reading. Love your stuff here. So funny (and "relatable". Argh, query letters...)

    The Middle Ages

  17. Thank you for the award! I just have a dumb question - you're talking about the versatile blogger award, right? Or is it the one with flowers? Thank you either way!

  18. D&B - enjoyed your vacay pics, welcome back!

    NW - we're giving the Versatile Blogger award, so feel free to grab it and follow the rules (if you want, but people cheat all the time, so that's up to you). The flowers were an extra, rule-free pick-me-up for everyone, so grab those if you want them, too!

  19. Love these! Yes to add to the messaging- don't post on FB after you've taken your Ambien...no good. And congrats on the awards!

  20. Oh you ladies made me blush! Thanks so much for the award. I sincerely appreciate the good will and support. You guys ROCK.


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