#9 (a blogfest link) and resolutions

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I (christy) had every intention of coming up with a twisted Christmas fairy tale for this blogfest, but my blogging ball is the one I dropped while juggling tasks this week.  However, please visit Romancing the Blog to click on all the links of bloggers who participated and wrote zany tales twisting holiday stories and fairy tales.  The button above is clickable, for your linking convenience.

So there are nine days left in this countdown.  And until Christmas.  That means there are 14 days left IN THIS YEAR!  yes, you're welcome. i'm sure you all had that figured out before i told you.  sometimes my thoughts come out my fingers.  can't be helped.  Craziness.  (the # of days left, not me)

#9 setting goals vs tuh not to (one of my favorite lines from cars..channelling mater)

With the new year just ahead, how many of you are ready and raring to get started on a little new year's resolution?  Yeah?  What is it?

No?  Suit yourself.

For those of you who answered yes: 

Does it involve writing?


Spending more time with a loved one?

My answers are yes, yes, and yes.

Obviously I set writing goals.  You may have noticed them on the sidebar.  A while back we hosted a little competition.  (Now that I think of it I hope you DIDN'T notice.  Because, well, just because erica and christy SET writing goals, uh, doesn't mean we necessarily KEEP them.  We never finished our own half-marathon of words competition.)  However, with ABNA coming up, I'd better set a daily writing goal and keep it.  Pretty much I need to have my own little version of NANO in December.  I've seen other bloggers with this plan, too. NADECEMNO and NAJANO.  I won't even ask you to cheer me on.  It doesn't help.  Thanks anyway, though! (this is erica - um, christy, december is almost over. just sayin')

The number of montly miles I log running are also posted on the sidebar.  I'll keep them there.  I'll continue to have goals (adding a spin class weekly).  Better to try than to not to, IMO.  That said.  Not only have I not been meeting my daily/weekly/monthly running goals, but when I DO run, I haven't even been taking the time to add them to the sidebar.  So then I'm on the treadmill, music in ears, thinking, "okay, I added the three miles from last thursday, but hmm, did i run 2 miles on wednesday?  or was it three on thursday?  it must have been tuesday because the kids spent the morning at my parents.  so, i'll need to add those two plus the 3 i'm totally going to run right now."  and then i'll get off after two.  and forget to add the four miles to the total, of course. 

Oops.  What happened to my capital letters?  I've been trying to blog properly.  I'm now afraid laziness on my posts will lead to laziness in my manuscript.  Capitals belong at the beginning of sentences.  Don't I help my students edit for these things?

soooooo very off topic.

focus: Date night.  Since we had our first son, now four-soon-to-be-five *gasp*, we don't hang out regularly.  We don't get out regularly either, alone or together, except for work.  Date night monthly would be a super resolution to keep.  Now we just need to find a babysitter.

So there you have it.  christy's resolutions for the new year.  how do you feel about setting goals?  are they short-term or long-term goals?  how successful are you at keeping them?

(i suppose adding capital letters at the beginning of sentences is another goal i should strive for...) (erica says - what? i just learned to use lowercase...)

A little Charlie Brown Christmas for you!

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  1. I don't normally do New Year's resolutions, but I have one for 2011 and that is to write1sub1 (See http://write1sub1.blogspot.com/) I may be mad, but it's all in a good cause- hopefully writing more publishable stuff. Happy Christmas to you and good luck with your new year resolutions :O)

  2. I'm a big goal setter and I'm always resetting them throughout the year. I think you have some great goals, including date night. I have to sit down and do some of my own.

  3. Yay for resolutions! I'm starting mine early, by confining the junk eating to Christmas Day only. (But it's going to be a very good day.)

  4. Oh, this post is so funny! Goals...I seem to have goals that evolve. I always want to work at becoming a better writer. I always want to workout more. I always want to spend more time with family. Now, the actually doing it part, well....

  5. I should start writing some New Year's Resolutions; this post has given me some thoughts on it . . .

  6. I think I need goals with end dates - obviously random "I will write 21,000 words" goals don't work for me. :) My goal is to finish CH. Hmm, maybe I'll join you for NAJANO for the first draft (if AND is any indicator, it takes me about a year to finish the edits!).

    Last year we decided on "date night Tuesday" - we have to get home early to get the kids to bed, but we do manage to do something almost every week. Exercise is always a goal, but not something I have ever been able to keep up with. Maybe I'll go with Su's idea and only overeat on Christmas (but my Christmas is the 23rd, the 25th, and the 28th!).

  7. I guess you could say my New Years resolution is to start querying by summer. But I need to make sure I'm ready so if I'm not...it won't be the end of the world. I just need to commit to working towards that goal better than I have been. December has been crazy, and I've barely cracked my manuscript to revise. I'm excited because my husband's schedule will change a bit and we'll get a whole day off together, woohoo! Hopefully we'll be able to get back into working out at the Y. Good luck with yours, and yes capital letters are kinda nice to have...;p Less work in the long run with revisions!

  8. Those are excellent resolutions! Both writing and non-writing. Best of luck with all of them! I haven't come up with most of mine yet but I will soon and I'll be blogging about it. My biggest one though is to sign with the agent that is right for me and my work.

  9. Goal are so difficult to keep at times. We always have good intentions in the beginning of every year, but usually fall short. It's human nature and nothing to get upset about. You should get upset when the time comes when you DON'T set goals.

    I, likes so many others, start out with good intentions. Some of my goals come to fruition and others don't. Life just gets in the way.

    My goals, like many others who write, are simple. Improve my craft, finish my current project, GET AN AGENT, GET PUBLISHED, loose those horrid twenty pounds that ALWAYS come back.

    This year will be different for me, though, I have all my wonderful blogging friends to lend a hand...



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