I: Inspirational Monday

We were tempted to label today's post "I'm tIred" but sInce there are two of us, that wouldn't really work. After all, us Is wrIters. (hehe)

(thIs may or may not be erIca pretendIng to be chrIsty) made erIca run (well, I ran, she walked) at the hotel gym well before she even thought she was goIng to get up yesterday mornIng. You see, musIc and runnIng gIve me InspIratIon and I wanted to share that wIth erIca. Now, I'll share It wIth you. (yes, there were pIctures taken of us. No, we're not sure we'll be sharIng them. conferences really tIre us out) (yes, christy's cute, but she's 9 inches shorter than me. really. it makes me look uncute and humongous. i tried to delete them all, but one or two might have been salvaged. darn christy)

Back to more wrItIng posts soon - tIme to nap go to work!!

okay. thIs really Is me (chrIsty).  that, up there, not.  :0)
but It was sooo nIce of erIca to start my post for me because my mom vIsIted me for dInner (she cooked).  then, once she left, I spent an hour hIdIng In the basement hallway wIth my kIds because of a tornado warnIng.  now I'm wIped.  I had planned to share conference InformatIon part deux wIth you all today, but am just too tIred.  so, I'm sorry.  tomorrow.  or the followIng day.  I PROMISE.  and a pIcture of erIca and me.  YES, ERICA.  IT WILL BE POSTED.  (I totally stood on my tIptoes so It's just fine.)

here's the InspIratIonal musIc for all of you wrIters.  I doubt mIley Intended It for us, but It totally works.

and our book challenge book for I
Island of the Blue Dolphins
by Scott O' Dell

We'll see all of you this week at your blogs because we're dedicated to getting back into visiting you now that conference prep is over.  (And we won't forget that we have some writing info for you.) 


  1. Loved the post, once I'd worked it out! :0)

  2. So proud of everyone doing the A -Z challenge! I am far too weak to even try so I like to pretend my well wishing helps you guys along somehow.

    Also, I LOVE THAT SONG and I don't care who knows it. It's so perfect!


  3. OH POOPS, totally forgot what I wanted to say which was that I ADORE you're layout and colour scheme etc etc. WONDERFUL.

  4. The Climb is one of those songs you like but feel guilty about because it's by Miley Cyrus and because it's ridiculously corny, but in an oddly inspirational way. So good pick for I-Day!

  5. Some of us are slacking..... This is NOT right.... If I can write flash fiction with a twist each day, you two have no right to be tired.... LOL. Think of poor me sweltering in the 85 degree sun, power-walking on the beach. Now don't you feel sorry for me. Evil laugh snickers.

  6. LOL! It sounds like you guys had a blast, and you must post at least ONE picture... Oh! Island of the Blue Dolphins! I remember seeing that movie on cable. awww! :o) <3

  7. I love that song...thought that's something I don't often say out loud!

  8. :0) there's no shame in liking miley cyrus. i'll go as far as saying i liked the movie she was in...wasn't it a nicholas sparks book first?

    if you all only knew the other songs i listen to while running are taylor swift's....

    michael. you live a rough life. we pity you. i hope you're walking barefoot. think of how smooth your exfoliated feet are! we're sooo not jealous.


  9. You two ARE an inspiration, doing this A-Z challenge. That is Intense!

  10. Rest up! We're waiting for those pictures!

  11. I almost put Island of the Blue Dolphins on my "I" list. Great story!

  12. Fun post. Had me laughing. =D

  13. Running is my inspiration (and plot solver) too. :D

  14. Nice music. Enjoyed your banter too erIca, uh I mean chrIsty!

    Life on The Farm

  15. Thanks for the inspirational music. It worked on me :-)


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