Oh, I meant A.

As in Annoying.

(As in dAy number one of the A-Z blogging chAllenge.)

And Asking you All A question And A fAvor.

Here's the question:  How mAny flipping times do you hAve to click on the "post comment" button to leAve A comment on our blog? BecAuse when I leAve comments (on our blog) I hAve to click it like four times!  And it'sAnnoying! 

Seriously.  I type my comment.  Click.  The site reloAds.  I'm bAck At the top.  I scroll bAck down to my comment. Click.  ReloAd.  At the top.  Scroll.  Click.  And All over YET AGAIN!  So frustrAting.

Sometimes I hAve to click the "post comment" button severAl times At other blogs, too.  And I'm not even talking About blogs with the word verificAtion turned on (which I'm NOT complAining About, I totally get why everyone hAs it.  We did too until it Annoyed me to hAve to click my own comment button four times AND mess with the cAptchA.)

BUT, on some blogs it's completely EASY PEASY.  I leAve my comment, click the "post comment" button, And voilA.  Done.


Here's the fAvor:  If you know whAt I cAn do to remedy this situAtion.  PLEASE, tAke the time to click our button four times to tell me.  Merci beAucoup.

ThAt's All.

except for this:  my chAllenge will be to post A book or An Author for the letter of the dAy whenever it's my turn to post in April.

this is A book i remember fAlling in love with when i wAs younger.  i've thought About this book often, but hAven't looked for it AgAin until now. 

(hAve you ever wondered About A pArticulAr book or movie thAt you loved As A child?  And wondered if you'd still love it As An Adult?  one such movie for me wAs Weekend At Bernie's.  loved thAt movie in high school.  not so much in college. but,  i digress.)

Sandy Miller
The novel is about a 10 year old girl who is a gifted pianist.  Once she loses her parents, all she has left is her music, until it brings her to two people,a mentor and a rival, who show her how to live again.


  1. I just had to comment to see how many times I would have to click the button :) Let's see shall we.

    by the way, love your blog make over-it looks lovely :)


  2. First time! you will be pleased to know.

  3. I don't remember how many times but often with Blogger I have to click several times. Did you see that incredible post by Angela Ackerman about setting something up for blogger so your readers don't have to click so many times?

  4. Love your A to Z theme. I can't for the life of me (read: haven't had coffee yet!) remember any books from my childhood that I wondered would be like to read as an adult. (But then again, my childhood was so long ago, that it could just be brain fog and not lack of coffee). :)

  5. Lately I've been closing our site and it reopens about 16 times, locking up my computer and making me have to do a hard shut down to get out of it. (I think Abby mentioned it was doing that to her a few months ago, too, but she was also having that problem with other sites). (and yeah, I just tried to comment 3 times and here I am back, but I'm on my work computer and it's quirky)

    Blogger's great in so many ways, but yeah, the glitches. >:(

    My favorite childhood/teenage book starts with an I, so I'll have to see if that's my day to post! (but right now, I'm reading a book that starts with B, so I'm set for tomorrow!)

  6. I've always needed to click post once.

  7. The book sounds interesting- I'll check it out. I don't have any issues with your comment section.

  8. I'll have to check out Angela's post, thanks! I'm glad some of you only had to click it once. I wonder why it's different for some? erica, I wonder why you're having so many troubles. How frustrating! (If I isn't already your day, we can totally swap! :))


  9. I've never had a problem with commenting on your blog. I wonder it's not working properly for you? Strange.

    Anyway... my brain thanks you for the little exercise you just gave it there with all those capital As. :)

  10. I forgot to tell you last time I commented that I love the new look on your blog!

    I find on all Blogger sites that I have to click several times to get my comment to post, and I've even had it happen that I click and click and click and it never posts and I give up in annoyance (although, this hasn't happened on your blog).

  11. HAy, you, guys.

    Like your theme.... Yes, the fresh new look is VERY SPRINGLIKE.


  12. One click to comment. Isn't Allegra an allergy medication?

  13. I almost hate to say this in print (*jinx*), but I've never had to click more than once to comment on your blog, or any other blog. Could it be the computer? But others say they have problems with Blogger, so maybe it's the site. hmmmm, sorry no help!

  14. I Didn't have the struggle to comment. Love book idea. I am doing fictional characters (sort of).

  15. Maybe it's not your site but your browser. Can't really help but to say that sometimes something called cookies is disabled and this is never good. Computers like cookies too, especially those fudgy ones.. Mmmmm.

    A-Z fun yay!

    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  16. Hi from another a-z, and to answer your question, as Charmaine says it could be your browser, sometimes people at work can post to the work blog from Firefox but not IE or vis versa. Maybe hold you tongue differently? ;-/

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