oh, ef....

(note to our readers - we're feeling angsty this week. All comments in black are christy's. All comments in blue are erica's and christy has no idea she's making them. comment accordingly. hehe)

i'm not a swearer.

well,  okay sometimes a naughty word or two will slip from my innocent lips. we all have our moments

i have moments when heat scorches my cheeks and i have no control over my boiling emotions. oh, man, more like a grill on my stomach, but yeah

i blame these moments on being a girl. or a smart, strong, opinionated woman

my husband thinks it's just a lame excuse. true, that

For you male readers, i'll just stop there. er, nope, we won't

the reason i want to swear today is because i'm rather...F-F-Frustrated.  (really what i am is disappointed, but D was two days ago.) yeah, right

i SO badly wanted the ARC of shatter me (written by debut author tahereh maFi) and i lost it.  i was outbid at the last minute.  (i won't even say by who...but the maine character (no link available?) who beat me by what was supposed to be my strategy won eFFing Fair and square.  so i will eventually get over it.  preFerably, erica thinks, by Friday morning.) erica does, indeed. really, christy, again with the random capitalization? my guess is christy's a bit miffed. i got her back. er)

on a brighter and less selFhish note, have you been to write hope to bid on an auction item?  there's some amazing things over there.  go and help raise money for the children's relieF Fund of japan.  and get a little something For yourselF on the side.

shoo!  beFore you see me really go oFF. (i think there's one thing left for auction and the rest are closed. don't tell christy i disagreed with her here - man I have to face all 5'2" of her face-to-face tomorrow. i'll talk her down, i promise...)

(erica, i did pop back in here before scheduling.  and i'll have you know i'm only 5'1".  and the random capitalization is for the sake of the A-Z challenge. hello...the Fs are capitalized!)

(oh, and can't wait to meet you in 24 hours!)

i looked through my bookshelf and here's the only F book i could Find.  Funny stuFF.


  1. I forgot that you stay up later than I do! ;)

    5'1"? All pictures of us will be taken sitting down... Sorry you lost the ARC. I'm not sure I can think of any F books on my bookshelf, either. hmm

  2. LOL! You ladies are too funny. I'm so sorry to hear you lost the auction Christy! Now that you mention F books I'm not sure I have any on my shelves...

  3. Yay, you two finally are going to meet, and soon! May you have a fabulous time together! Can't wait to see your blog posts next week.

  4. Looking forward to reading about you too meeting finally.
    On a side note. I've been outbid so many times at the auction... so I know how it feels.

  5. Sorry you lost your book, Christy.... Erica, your blurbs are amusing.

    HAVE THE BEST TIME TOMORROW! I'll be with you in spirit.


  6. I'm not a swearer either but sometimes something gets me so miffed that I say some really strange things (especially in front of the kids), like, ohhhh gumdrops. The kids laugh and then I laugh and feel better.

    Tomorrow will be awesome!!

  7. i'm okay. i'm okay. :0) thanks for your sympathies. i'll just preorder it and get it in november like everybody else....

    on a different note, I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW! that, and i'm finally ready. i know. who would believe it. it's so early for a procrastinator like me to be ready. (well, i still have to edit my parital, pack, run the 7 miles i forgot to run of my 10 to prep for my 1/2 marathon next weekend, but other than that...totally ready.)


  8. I totally thought about doing a freakin' blog post, but thought better of it in case today was the day my Grandma started reading my blog.

    F books: The Fifth Elephant, Finding Peggy (one of my favourites), French-English Dictionary (hey, it's a book!), and Frankenstein (in Spanish). And yes, I really did go investigate my bookshelf to bring those to you. ;)

    Also, Christy, you're really running 10 miles the week before the 1/2 marathon? Don't you taper??

  9. You are both funny... enjoyed that. I had a completely different take on 'F' - no swear word, promise.

    Life on The Farm


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