The Truth Behind Lynnea

Lynnea West. The elusive woman you follow daily for her blog posts. She's us. We're here. She/We thank you for following.

Yeah, that's a horrible blogpost. Sorry. But really, our names are Christy Lynn and Erica Lynn. The rest (um, west) is a tribute to christy's grandmother.

So - that brings us to a discussion of character names. Christy knows the heritage of her characters (Greek and French Canadian) and went with that (specifically, Dawn and Lawrence). Erica fell in love with the names first and went with it (specifically, McKenzie and Lincoln).

How do you name your characters? And, well, your blogs?? We want to know!!!

Voice. Plot. Movie Potential. Yep, it's there: (plus, Erica was born in Madison, WI)

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  1. I usually go with names I've always loved or names that fit the character that eventually just come to me. Or i google nationalities.

  2. Names kind of just come to me out of the blue. I named my blog (The Write-at-home-Mom) because I originally thought I'd be focusing on how being a writer and a stay-at-home-mom intersect. That was far too narrow a focus, it turns out. But the name stuck!

  3. My character's names sort of come to me on their own. For fairy names I did do some research for the perfect ones for my characters in the second WIP for my series.

    As for the name of my blog In Time ... I though all good things come to us In Time ... I'm still waiting for that agent. But you know my answer for that.

  4. ooh ooh ooh *mike raises hand in excitement*

    My characters' names in "Alchemy" preceded the story, and in fact pretty much inspired the story. It comes as a surprise at the end, but since none of you are actually going to go out and buy it (*sniff*) I'll reveal it here: the story involves the relationship between Al and Cammie (get it? Alchemy? Al+Cammie?)who have a summer fling while trying to solve the mystery of al's missing dad, who was an alchemist

    As for my blog, I'm embarrassed to say, it's called "Blog of Wood"

  5. That's so cool, I had no idea who this mysterious person on your blog address was! Thanks for sharing that with us. I usually pick a name based on my character's ancestry/ethnicity. But the steampunk I'm working on takes place in the very distant future and I have no idea how to pick those names!

  6. Hi there - stopped by from the a-z challenge. Nice to "meet" you both.

  7. I've always wondered about your blog address--thanks for sharing! As far as my characters, I jot down names that I like and then see which ones fit my characters. :)

  8. I usually go with names first (for characters), if I have one in mind that appeals.

    As for my blog... erm... I'm a bit on the cheeky side. A title was not to hard to find. (Although I have plenty of people who ask why it isn't "Cheekiness". Answer: I like it with a "y".)

  9. Hmm, good question. My blog existed essentially nameless for two years and then I finally gave it a real name a couple of weeks ago. I wanted something that reflected the past (travel) I bring into my future (writing set in faraway places).

    As for characters, sometimes a name just hits me, other times I research appropriate names for the setting.


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