Spring Cleaning

This is what spring cleaning means to me (erica):

any idea how to clean out brain cobwebs? (this is not a picture of me, btw)

eliminating a character and plotline from a WIP (every time I think I've got it all, oops)

Oh, and I almost forgot - it's T minus 8 days (or is it T plus 8 days) (okay, never mind, it's next Friday) before erica and christy live-pitch agents for the first time, go to their first in-person conference and OH, YEAH, MEET for the first time!! (sorry that you have to hear about this again, but we are super, super excited and can't stop yelling talking about it!)

So, what about you? Spring plans (home, family, brain, weight, or writing wise?)


  1. Spring cleaning- yeah that will be me here soon. Not just in the house but on the computer as well. How exciting- you two will meet for the first time- I'd be talking about it a lot too! Best of luck pitching!

  2. Yipes! Reminded me I have to clean this weekend :( And the big chunks I'm hacking out of my novel! :( :( Oh well. It's all impotant! So excited for the meet up!

  3. *ALSO, meant to say hoe much I love the new look!!

  4. I think those brain cobwebs can be treated with writing out the stuff you DO have to remember, and then getting naked and dancing under the pale moonlight... but I might recommend that a lot... GADS I hate the real kind of cleaning! (and honestly, I like to power walk to clear my thoughts--no music)

  5. I was having a great time until I got to he scale -- guilt, guilt, guilt because of the chocolate covered cookie.

  6. Yeah, I need to scrub the floor. It's been raining like crazy here everyday since Monday almost non-stop... Christy, you came down here THE perfect week.

    Next week you and Erica will have a BLAST! I wish I was going too.


  7. OMG, good luck with the live pitches! Holy cow, I'd be a mess. And how fun that you'll actually get to meet in person. By the way, I can totally relate to the years worth of McDonald's toys. Ours "mysteriously" disappear while the kids are at school. #badmommy

  8. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! now that conferences (for the year!) are done it's sunk in that next week we are going to be sitting across from an agent for the looooooongest 8 minutes of my 34 year old life. and now i'm a LOT freaking out! what in the world will i fill those minutes saying? i must think up some amazing questions! then she can do ALL the talking. SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU ERICA! c

  9. Heh heh. Six months to go until Spring hits for us Southern Hemisphere types. Still could do with some brain cobweb clearing though! And I'm also doing the multiple WIP juggle and finding it less than easy...

    You guys keep changing your site...but it always looks good and the current version is no exception.

    So exciting about your live-pitching and that the two of you are going to meet. Not sure which one is MORE exciting!

    Anyway, my plans for the next little while are to make serious headway on a MG novel ( my first attempt in this area). I'm thinking because of the lower word count it should be a quicker project, but we'll see. That could be inexperience talking!

    Going to read some of your earlier posts now as we're not in the same Crusade group so I haven't been visiting as often as I'd like...

  10. I so need to get in the YARD... we keep going out of town on the weekends and the place is turning into a jungle.

    Best of luck with all your "chores"--you've got quite a list there. Bye, darlings~ ;o) <3

  11. I'm desperately trying to lose 10 pounds so I can fit into my old capris instead of having to buy new ones. :/


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