Books on the Beach

I'm home from Florida--and unbelievably c-c-c-old.  We missed a snowstorm while we were away.  Luckily, my mother-in-law stopped over and decided to play with our snowblower.  We're so lucky!

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From eighty degrees to twenty.  SO not cool.  Well, actually....  (Poor word choice.)

We had a marvelous time in the sunshine.  The weather was amazing.  Blue, cloudless skies.  Eighty degrees.  Not one drop of rain.  Zero humidity.  We stayed on the grounds of our resort and bopped from one kiddie pool to another.  My boys LOVED it, and my five year old taught himself to "swim".  I came home with two boys who are now part fish.

The only time I left the grounds was when my hubby and I took a taxi to a piano bar to meet Michael from In Time.  We chatted for a few hours and totally had a blast finally meeting one another!  I still can't believe that only a few days ago we sat across from each other, live, in person.  Crazy!!!

You'll all be happy to know that books are not dead.  (In case you were worried.)  Poolside, there were MANY paperback novel readers.  Here's the breakdown for you.

Harry Potter (spotted twice, each read by teenage girls)

The Lake Shore Limited by Sue Miller (read by an adult female)

a Tom Clancy book (read by an adult male)

a Dean Koontz book (read by an adult female)

From the Heart by Nora Roberts (laying on a beach chair, no reader in sight)

The Pilots Wife by Anita Shreve (read by an adult female)

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

a book by Michelle Richmond

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (read by a teenage girl)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

There were more.  Many more that I couldn't see clearly enough to discern the titles or authors of.  You know, during my unspyworthy walk-bys.  I have nothing on Jen Garner, er, Sydney Bristow. 

But I was excited to see so many readers.  One woman had a nook/kindle (sorry, don't know them well enough to be able to tell the difference) and another one had an Oprah magazine.  (Otherwise there were books, books and more books.  So keep writing people so beach goers have something to do while burning their skin!)

Me?  I have two books downloaded on my laptop, but read neither.  I did write a few thousand words for Solstice and read most of erica's A New Day.  Someday it will be published so you can enjoy it too!

Happy Monday.  Don't forget to visit http://www.writeoncon.com/ at 4 o'clock today for a chat!


  1. Apart from the heat, that sounds awesome! You met Michael that's so cool. I'm going to have to meet up with LadyJai now, she's the nearest to me. Hmm, must get onto that. So cool that your son learned to swim on holiday, that's when I learned too, in the sea in Sweden. Oh to go there again. Have a great week you two.

  2. What a great vacation! And you wrote and beta-read while on vacation. That's impressive! I'm so glad to hear that books are alive and well (as suspected), but honestly, I'd bring my Kindle on a vacation like that. Then I don't have to carry so many books with me. I even put manuscripts on it.

    Welcome home! Now it can start warming up!

  3. Great info, Christy. I love knowing what people were reading at the beach/pool. And so glad to know paper is still popular. I'm not an adaptor when it comes to reading technology, I'm afraid, although I'd rather read on a Kindle than not be able to read at all! Congrats on getting together with Michael, and on getting work done on vacation!

  4. Super cool you got to meet "real" Michael ;-) And I love your book-spotting game.

  5. Vacation reading is the best. Sadly, whenever I go away I see no one ready which is a shame. (I totally make up for it though!)

  6. Vacation was blissful. I am rejuvenated...almost enough to get through the rest of this cold weather. What a shock to the system! Where are you spring????

    I really loved checking out the books everyone was reading. Someday I hope to go on vacation and spot a reader or two with my name on the covers of their books!


  7. Hi, Christy,

    Sorry it's so cold, but you came and left at just the perfect time. Torrential rains all day today and also forecasted for the rest of the week. BOOO! I can't complain too much as a good friend of mine always say when it rains ... "God has to water his plants." So true.

    Stay warm. I have a blast with you, too!


  8. Sounds like a lovely, warm vacation! I like how you listed what everyone was reading poolside (beachside?). And I'm glad books aren't dead! For some reason there's nothing quite like a good paperback in your hands. Enjoy the snow! Spring is most definitely here for me in my neck of the woods!

  9. Michael-sorry to have left you with rain! Take the time to write! :0)

    Mary Mary- it was! Glad spring has come to stay by you! I think it's on its way here...just taking its sweet time. (Grrr!) :0)

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment today! christy

  10. Maybe the Nora Roberts book was left for a new owner to find in a kind of 'pass it on' system :-)

  11. Oh so wonderful to hear reports that real books are still being read in the flesh. I've only seen two real live e-readers being used in the world. Of course I live in a rinky dink town but I just spent an entire day in airports and saw only the old fashioned book form.

  12. If it was any other book but a Nora Roberts book I would say maybe the reader ran screaming away in tears (just joking), but i do have this recurring dream where I see editors running away from my manuscript in tears and quitting their jobs cos of the horror of my writing.
    I hope this never happens, to any of us.

  13. Despite borders closing I actually thing that books are making a come back. In times like these, all forms of entertainment thrive because people need to escape. Glad you had fun in florida and how cool you got to meet michael!!

  14. Oh I'm so jealous! I want to be on the beach right now! But going from 80 to 20 is normal for my neck of the woods. Our motto is, if you don't like the weather today, wait for tomorrow. We literally went from almost 80 degrees one day, to almost freezing the next. It was crazy. Missouri weather at it's finest.

    LOVE all the book readers- yay!

  15. I'm so glad to hear that you had an excellent time, and got to meet Michael! That is awesome that you spotted so many readers. I'm totally encouraged now!

  16. I didn't mean to imply that nobody wanted to read the Nora Roberts book, only that it had been abandoned temporarily while its reader got a margarita or took a quick dip to cool off! ;0)

    ahhh, it was excellent. still missin' it.

  17. Yes, we did the same thing going to Florida last week and then coming home to cold temps. Argh! I had shorts on until I got to Tennessee and then threw on the sweats and sweater. Burr. I didn't see too much reading where I was, a few, but that might be because I had my nose buried in my Nook. lol. Loved the weather though. 80's all week, great for poolside reading.


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