Now That's What I'm Talking/Writing About.

Writers across the world have been told to "write what they know." So how does that explain my new ghost story? I've never seen a ghost. I've never been a 12-year-old boy. I didn't grow up in a b&b. BUT - I do watch Ghosthunters and Ghost Adventurers with my 10-year-old son and have parents who own a b&b. Mix it together and I got my idea!!

Here's some other things about me that I might use - or you can. Go ahead, take them, I don't mind. Or mix them with your own, make a million dollars, and let me know (it'll make me feel better, trust me).

Growing up, my younger sister and I didn't get along. On family vacations, we weren't allowed to ride in the same car. I once kicked her so hard (in a swimming pool, no less), I broke two toes. Hey, she was annoying me!!

I have a story about my childhood rabbit, but fear either PETA or the ASPCA or whatever exists in virtual pet-dom would get really, really mad at me if I told the whole thing. Suffice to say I was busy, didn't do chores, and my sister had the same problem. Several days in a row. Poor bunny.

When I was a senior in high school, I went on a date with a guy I worked with who was a couple years older than me. We went to his apartment, where he kept playing songs involving words like "I used to love her, but I had to kill her." Date over (yes, I cried and felt bad for weeks. dumb boys.)

Last year, my husband and I decided to do a "date night" once a week. Since he works weekend nights, this means we go out after I get home on Tuesday nights (our only free night) and get home by 9:00 bedtime for the kids. This could make for a boring book...

...except that a lot of Tuesdays, we go play Texas Hold 'Em poker tournaments in the backroom of a nearby bar. I'm actually pretty good at it (don't expect to see me on any TV tournaments, but I hold my own around here). The games usually attract 9-20 people (2-3 women in the group) and they are a super-fun, super-high-energy crowd. Plus, they lie bluff, so it's sorta' like hanging out with fiction writers!

I went to more bars in the year before I was legal than I have in the 14 years since (I'm rounding, but close). Yes, I did graduate college. It's a bit hazy, but I have the diploma to prove it (hehe).

My master's is in non-profit management. Yes, I paid $15,000 to have someone teach me how not to make money. I got straight-A's.

Okay, that's it folks. Use it for good, not evil. And add lovely, weird, useless useful comments of your own so I don't feel dumb to give others inspiration. Plus, you know, write a bestseller based on me. :)


  1. Great ideas. I usually write what I know with a crazy twist.
    I watch Ghost Hunters too.

  2. "Kicking my Sister" would make a great memoir title

    BTW, is there a trick to knowing who is who when you two are posting?

    And finally, you two have never met? that's crazy! What's the distance? And can I be there when you do finally get together?

  3. Writing what you know is not as limiting as it sounds, thanks for the reminder! Non-profit management - very cool - that's what I used to do.

  4. Writing what you know is important, however, I think passion is even more important.

    Passion rules in all our writing. It's never forced, it's always genuine. Readers relate to it.

    IF you have a passion for a subject, you don't have to be an expert in it.



  5. I'm laughing at your comment about "used to love her." When me and the bestie were still not drinking age, we met up with my then boyfriend and his best friend at the local bar. The two of them were so drunk they were singing along with the same song like lounge singers. I never hear this Guns N Roses song the right way again.

  6. Mike - good point, I usually do say it's me. But from the ridiculousness, everyone can probably tell. :) Christy and I live on opposite sides of the state - probably a four-hour drive apart. Sure, you can join us in Madison!!

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Happy writing and happy idea-ing, too!!

  7. I read this as a fun experiment in character development! We writers see the world differently. ;) And it was great to get to know you more of course!

  8. Okay, how about USE what you know when you write? If we all just wrote what we know, we'd all be writing memoir or how-to's or (gag) treatises. But taking that feeling of when you kicked your sister and broke her toes, and expressing it through your character's emotion— that's powerful! Love this post, thanks!

  9. Okay I love that last one - too funny!

    As someone who once threw an opened can of soup at my brother, I totally get sibling rage.

  10. LOL! Well you got my wheels turning...
    That's too funny you had to ride in separate cars!

  11. great post, erica! i had a pet bunny when i was little. my mom did not like him, so one day we had to take him to her cousin's house. he "took care" of rabbits. yeah, i found out years later what that meant. :0(


  12. So, when you broke your toes, did you do any damage to your sister?

    I'm currently paying someone to tell me how not to make money, too, except it isn't in the title like it was for you. :(


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