Do you want to order cheese, enter a contest, or go to a conference?

Part I

Since it's a Monday and we do Monday Mealtime Madness posts here at erica and christy, we didn't want to disappoint you. MY FATHER-IN-LAW IS A CHEESEMAKER.  Yes, I live in WI.  What's really funny is erica owns cows.  Could we be any more Wisconsin-y?

Anyways....  Springside Cheese's website went live!  Yes, it's up and running. I'm totally not being biased when I declare to you that my father-in-law makes the BEST cheese.  I'd love for you all to order it, have it shipped to your house, and try it.  AND NOW YOU CAN!  (US only.  Sorry!)

Here's the site:

OH! And if you choose to check it out, like what you see, and place an order for some delicious cheese products, then add in the NOTES section (when you check out on the site) that you were sent to the site by erica and christy.  Along with your order, you'll receive a FREE order of squeaky cheese curds.  BUT THIS OFFER ONLY STANDS FOR THE FIRST TEN erica and christy CUSTOMERS! 

Part II

FIRST, I haven't taken a moment to CONGRATULATE my amazingly talented blog partner on her recent achievement in passing through the first round cuts for ABNA!  She is so deserving and I am so happy for her!  I'm wishing awesomeness for her and our other friends (mentioned on Friday's post) who also made it to Round 2!

NEXT, thanks to Heather @ Heather's Odyssey, I learned of another contest:  Gatekeepers Discovery Writing Award.

I posted an excerpt of my novel, Solstice under my pen name Lynnea West.  If you have a chance, I'd love for you to check it out here and offer any feedback you may have.  If you like it, please vote.  The top 100 entries (YA only) with the most votes on March 30 will have their pages read by Gatekeepers Post staff.  They will make their selections for round two, passing the entries on to top agents and editors (visit the site to find out the list of names).  Oh, and the winner at the end of round three wins $500.  To read and vote for Heather's entry, go here.

Part III

 Have you ever thought what it'd be like to actually meet each other?  You know, like if all of us blogging friends were actually together, in real life, not just hanging out chatting virually every day?  Su @ Cheekyness had a great idea in her comments recently for us all to meet up at Blade since I mentioned it in my post last Thursday.  I couldn't agree more that it would be a surreal experience. Maybe someday we all will!

While I won't be able to visit Blade any time soon, I am going to Florida at the same time Michael @ In Time will be there.  So Hubby and I are going to meet up with him.  Yay!

AND, erica and I just discovered a Writing Conference in WISCONSIN.  So...we might GO and MEET EACH OTHER!  Here's the goods on the conference in case any of you want to join us!!!!!
April 8-10

Not sure how to spend it?  Recap:  order cheese, read solstice/vote, register for WI writing conference




  1. Done! I may not be able to beat MDG at commenting, but I sure as shit can beat him in a race for cheese! Just ordered some beer cheddar and regular cheddar (and am looking forward to my free squeaky cheese curds, whatever the heck they are!)

  2. Wow, so much amazing info in one post! Good luck to your FIL on the online retail cheese business! You should definitely go to the Wisconsin conference - so much fun, so much info! Too bad I live so far away :-(

  3. I voted for ya. I was intrigued by the contest, but I'm not into the popularity vote ones. Great entries might not win because the writer isn't part of a blog with a huge following.

    Enjoy the conference. I'm going to the LA SCBWI one in August. :D

  4. Mike-Bummer I don't know how to make a cloud out of cheese orders for the sidebar! Thanks for the order. You won't be disappointed!

    Stina-Yay for conferences! Thanks for the vote. I hear ya on the popularity voting thingy. I don't think I'll get too far, but it was worth a shot. The list of agents and editors sucked me in!

    Vicki-Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by today!


  5. What's funny about part 3 is that Erinn, Holly, and I had the same thought so we organized a writing retreat.

  6. I loved the recap. That was brilliant. And thanks for the shoutout! We don't have to meet at Blade; I'm willing to take suggestions. ;)

    And now I'm going to investigate this cheese.

  7. That would be awesome to meet up one day! IRL or internet! Congrats to Erica and heading over to check out the cheese! (you knew I wouldn't be able to resist an entire website of cheese didn't you?) Sneaky vixen...

  8. Congrats, that's lots of great news in one post. It would be really awesome if we could all meet up, excited for you, enjoy! I might meet up with LadyJai at some point I think she is the nearest. I already met Ishta Mercurio at Chapters in London. When we're all on our international book tours we can all meet up ;)

  9. YAY! Christy....

    You will love it here. 90 degrees and sunny! SO MUCH SUN!

    Have to check out you father-in-laws site. We LOVE cheese. In upstate NY we had this awesome cheddar called Rat-cheddar of all things. Does he make that kind? I've never found it anywhere else.

    Can't wait to meet you next month. I might even do the writing conference in Madison.... it's only an hour and a half from Chicago.

    Good luck in the contest. I still need to enter mine.


  10. My cheese has shipped! My cheese has shipped! I'm so excited I almost tripped! I'm so excited 'cuz my cheese has shipped!

  11. I'm so glad you entered the contest Christy! I loved your entry and voted for it. Thank you so much for the shoutout, incredibly sweet of you! I wish I could meet you both at that conference, that would be so much fun!

  12. I live in Florida! Where are you guys going?

  13. Just wanted to follow-up and let you (and your readers) know that the cheese has arrived! Showed up fresh, with its own little chill pack, and I served it the next day at a party - everyone raved about the Beer Cheddar, loved the Aged Cheddar, and were a bit freaked out by the squeaky cheese curds (which really do squeak!) Best of luck to your family's business


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