GO PACK GO!! (part deux)

You guys doing anything this weekend? *whistles* You know us, same old, same old. Writing, editing, blogging, mothering, wiving (is that a word?), cooking, cleaning. . .right up until 5:00 Sunday night (central time).

yeah, we said it

Won't you join the millions of Packer fans out there (okay, fine, maybe some Steeler fans, too, but who's counting?) for a Superbowl party? There's food....and beer....maybe even wine. Oh, and yes, cheese. Sliced or cubed, fresh or fried - you know you want some!!

Need another reason to cheer the Pack on to victory? How about three? One - read this post by YA author Elizabeth Eulberg to find out how easy it is to win her books and some swag (she's from Wisconsin, after all). Two - join our 150 followers contest (erica will pick a winner as soon as the Superbowl winner is announced) here. Three - if we win, the kids in Green Bay get some free time off of school to welcome the team home. Read about it in this bulletin.

Here are some ideas for your very own Packer Superbowl party. Enjoy!

Tons of ideas for the main dish

Yes, of course, cheese recipes

The beer from WI that will be sold at the stadium is Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat (brewed near where erica lives)

Okay, one more picture. We can't resist:


Don't forget to tune in Monday to find out who won the Superbowl 150 followers contest!!!


  1. I am going to a Superbowl party next door, enjoy!

  2. GO PACK! by 5:00 sunday my writing had better be done! (hehe, i put that had in for you, erica!) thanks for taking over the blog this week. i'm trying not to disappoint. off to write right now! christy

  3. Hi ladies!

    Not much into football, sorry, but I'll catch snippets of it when I visit my folks today. My dad's a fan.

    Otherwise, I'm going starting on edits for my upcoming release. Just need a second cup of joe.

    Enjoy the game ;-)

  4. WRITE CHRISTY!!!!!!!!!

    Just think how much fun you'll have watching the game when you know you finished your 'homework!" Wink.

    This is comment 101.... Wow, I'm surprised myself. You girls just get me me .....lol

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies! I back to editing my first novel ... such fun!


  5. Philly??? PHILLY!?!?!?!

    Oh, no, honies... I am a Philly girl. And our team is the Eagles.

    You're thinking of those Pittsburgh Steelers. Philly folks they are not. :) Which is why I am with you in not wanting them to win!

  6. Good Lord, it's PITTSBURGH!! I did know that, I just need a proofreader at all times!! All fixed!
    (that was totally erica's fault)

  7. Why do so many GB QB's have girl's names? Aaron Rodgers, Brett Farve, Lynn Dickey (tee hee, Dickey!)

  8. It's going to be a fun game. My son's team is out so no one's really cheering for anyone :)

  9. *ponders what Jemi means by her son's team is out*

    Everyone should watch! If you don't have a favorite team, feel free to cheer for ours!

  10. A guy on the bus asked who we like for the Superbowl, and when I told him I didn't know who was playing, he almost fell out of his seat. (I was lying. I just like watching people react. I'm a jerk.)

    By all means, beat the Steelers. Trample them into the ground. Throw cheese at them. Whatever it takes. ;D

  11. Yes, GO PACKERS!!! If there's anything I completely despise in this world, it's the Steelers. *shudders*

    I'll be watching the game as well! (Hopefully, more specifically, watching the Packers completely crush the dang Steelers.) :)

    Good to know we see eye-to-eye in terms of football. ;)


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