Did you name the titles correctly? Today you can find out!

If you stopped by on Thursday, you'll know what I'm (christy) talking about. If you didn't, scroll down to Thursday's post and then come back here.  (I posted some first lines from published novels for you to guess the titles of.)

Here are the answers!
(I think at least one person guessed every title.)  *claps furiously while typing with my feet*

B.If I Stay
D.Hunger Games
E.Harry Potter
F.Gone With the Wind
G.Anna Karenina
H.Jane Eyre

Thanks for guessing!!!!

And, today I'm promoting Stephanie Haefner's Show Me The Love Blogfest for Monday.  Here's the rules (it's super easy...if it weren't I wouldn't be doing it.):

There's only a few rules. First of all, answer these questions:
1- What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
2- What is your favorite love song?
3- Do you have a favorite romantic movie or book?
4- Do you have any romantic plans for Valentine's Day this year?
5- What's your favorite romantic treat? (candy, chocolate, edible body paint, etc...)

Then, on February 14th, post your answers and/or pictures to the questions above by 10:00 AM EST. And make sure you visit the other participant's blogs that day to see what they said!! Let's have fun with this!!!

TO sign up, click on the red blogfest button in the sidebar to your right, and it will transport you to her blog.


  1. Cool guys! Those things are always fun to do. Although I never know all of them ;p Have fun with the blogfest on Monday!

  2. Of the books listed, I'm afraid I've only read Twilight and Harry Potter. So many great books to read and so little time to get them all read, unfortunately.

  3. I'm so behind on my reading. I don't have a spare second with writing, blogging, editing, blogging ...

    You get the picture.

    Have a great weekend ladies.


  4. Christy,

    Thanks Christy! I greatly appriciate your thoughtful, and supportive comments!


  5. Awesome fest! I'm so proud of myself for only missing a few! Happy weekend ladies!

  6. I've read five of the eight and I STILL only got one right! :( I'm not good at first lines.

  7. oh, I love guessing games, but I've been so swamped I missed it. :p Jumping back in and can't WAIT for all the fun, lovey V-day posts, although I have to confess, I'd have trouble w/Steph's... Hard questions! ;o) <3


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