Three Quick Things Before I Get Back to Writing and Editing

This is going to be short and sweet.  Many of you probably don't think I can do it.  But I entered a contest without being ready for it, and so now I have some MEGA work to do.  I'm writing and editing like never before.  Should I have done this sooner?  Yes.  Could I have?  Maybe.

First,  thanks to everyone who posted pics of their mugs and to those who hopped around to see them all.  The posts were fantabulous!  I had the hardest time choosing a fave, but a Cheshire cat who disappears when the hot coffee fills the mug, leaving only his smile showing, well, I couldn't help myself. 

Second, I have a question. How do you feel about self-talk in a novel?  Mine has quite a bit.  It didn't seem to bother erica too much when she read my pages.  Although she did have some good advice, reminding me not to use it if my MC wouldn't really think it.  There were only a couple of places she suggested I change the sentences to narrative instead.  I think I added so much in to aid me in creating my character's voice.  Is that just a newbie mistake?  Do too many italics annoy you?  What's the line here?  When does it become too much?

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  1. You can do it!!! I do some of my best work under pressure. :) You're not crazy at all. Best of luck!


    I know you can do it!

    As you know my ms is loaded with self though. I have several on each page, and it does help getting inside of the mc's head.

    It's never bothered me, in fact, in some cases I really like it.


  3. I think a lot it depends on what part of the narrative you're in. If the mc is thinking "get to the point" while listening to a boring lecture, it can work, but you could also have her tap her finger, roll her eyes at her neighbor, etc. to show the same thing. I think it's important to balance it out.
    I probably took out 100 episodes of self-talk from my first ms (it all tell and not enough show - totally because I was a newbie).
    So that's my suggestion as you go through the editing process. Along with searching for -ly words, just, really, and had - make sure you're showing whenever you can!!
    And yes, you are a little crazy. :)

  4. You can do it! I re-wrote, edited and submitted the last 2500 words a 10,000 word story in four days.

    I see nothing wrong with self-talk, but don't use it too often and don't make it sound too chatty. My humble opinion. LOL.

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  5. I only like it just a little bit. Otherwise, I like to show it in dialogue as much as possible. BUT! If it's not bothering erica, then I bet it's fine! best of luck~ :o) xoxo

  6. I've heard that self-talk (italics) is like exclamation points, use sparingly so it carries more power. Best of luck in the contest!

  7. Good luck!!!

    I think it's fine if it sounds real. If it feels like too much, switch it up a little bit, but I think to myself... um... pretty much all the time. The inside-my-head me is a whole lot snarkier than the sweet as pie first grade teacher - I'm like a Cadbury egg, all the evil is in the middle. LOL. So yeah. To write ME, I would have to include inner thoughts.

    Did that make any sense? My brain is report card mush. :)

  8. I've gotten into the "thinking" mode partly because of reading so much Terry Pratchett-- not that he does it a lot, but he does it so well that I now want to do it all the time. :/

  9. Thanks for the link. As for your questions I have never put to much thought into it. I don't read many novels with italics in them.

  10. I've got some self talk, but not much. I don't know, it definitely depends on the type of novel you are writing. I'm thinking first person doesn't need it as much because you are in their heads and the whole novel is pretty much self talk. But third person can get away with more, since you are kind of outside looking in, and need to get to know the character more. But if you are doubting and thinking it might be too much...then it migh be too much. Just go with your gut- cut some out if you are worried, or leave it in and see what happens and what kind of feedback you get. Good luck!!


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