WOOT! to our Crusader Group and its members! GO TEAM 3

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Better late than never....  We're coming to find you all! (if you're not sure what this is, go click on our Crusader badge in the sidebar)

Group 3 - YA/MG

1. Marieke (Marieke's Musings) [Twitter] YA, MG

2. Akoss (A search for the Writer in me) (Nye Louwon - My Spirit) MG, YA (fantasy)

3. E.J. Wesley (The Open Vein) YA, MG, horror, suspense

4. Sharde Richardson (Realm Of Randomness) [Twitter] YA (paranormal), MG (paranormal)

5. Jess Lawson (Falling Leaflets) MG, YA

6. Vicki Tremper (VB Tremper) [Twitter] YA, MG (paranormal)

7. Laura Diamond (Diamond, Yup Like the Stone) [Twitter] YA (dystopian, urban fantasy), MG (adventure)

8. Margo Berendsen (Writing at High Altitude) [Twitter] YA, MG

9. Michael (In Time ...) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, contemporary), MG (fantasy, contemporary)

10. erica and christy (erica and christy) [Twitter] YA (contemporary and fantasy), MG (Ghost Story)

11. Shelley Batt (Voices of a Writer) YA, MG

12. SA Larsen (Writers' Ally) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, romantic, otherworldly), MG (tween/teen who's not-so-average), short stories, picture books

So, we're on our way to find the ones we don't know yet. Take a minute and do the same - we have no doubt you'll like what you see!


  1. Great group - lots of cool people listed right there! :D

  2. Does my recipe for making love count?

    "A little bit of me, and a whole lot of you..."

  3. Fellow crusader stopping over to say hello. Saw one or two Crusaders on you list that I am not following and going over to do so now!

  4. Hi, Ladies,

    Gorgeous weather in Florida....HURRY UP and GET HERE ALREADY, CHRISTY!

    I've already popped over to our group buddies. It's fun to support or blogging friends.


  5. Sounds like fun! I'll email you ladies today!

  6. Nice to be featured on another blog. :)
    I've been lurking and posting on everyone's (grp 3) blog so far.
    Happy that I met all of you.

  7. A lot of really great people in this group. What fun and mischief you will be up to I wonder? Best wishes.


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