Letter from Florida

Dear erica and Blogger Friends,

While I miss you all terribly, I am having a wonderful vacation in Florida this week.  I hope the weather by you is as nice.  Relaxation is bliss. 

Here's where I am.

Here's what I'm doing. (not actually me)

Here's who I'm meeting.  (look familiar?)

I'll be back soon!  Until then, enjoy your week working, writing, playing,
reading, cleaning,  and blogging.


  1. Oh how fun!! Wish you guys were closer to the west coast so I could join you for coffee. :)

  2. Hi, Christy and Erica,

    The place looks wonderful, Christy! No wonder you're having a blast! I am just finishing up things before I leave for Orlando.

    I can't wait to meet with you, although I am at a disadvantage. You know what I look like, but you ... hmmmm. The only thing I know is your height.

    I think I will need a fuller description, and I a still waiting for the directions.

    Jamie, we are meeting in Orlando on of the Disney properties.

    PK, Tampa's only an hour or so from Orlando.... I'd love to meet you!


  3. Fun!!! Super jealous of your beautiful looking vacation and you get to meet Michael!!

  4. how cool! You guys take pix~ :o)

  5. This is great! wish I was there- LOL it would be warm and yup I'd enjoy that. Have a great vacation.

  6. I wish I was there with you! It looks beautiful, and WARM! Say hi to Michael for me!

  7. SO jealous you are in Florida and that looks absolutely gorgeous! Have fun meeting with Michael- don't forget to take pictures!

  8. Sigh... I should have gone to Florida.

  9. I'm still stuck in snow where I live. Would love to be in Florida about now. How cool is that? You get to meet Michael. Enjoy!

  10. (don't tell christy, but no one needs to be jealous. she got over a foot of snow at her house while she was gone and has to come home to a complete MESS!!)

    (sigh, I'm still jealous)


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