Letters to our Betters

Ever wrote a letter to your main character? Or a letter from your main character? You should. It's actually pretty awesome. (scroll down to find more about erica's ABNA journey)

Dear Kaleb,

First off, stop calling me your mom. I so am not. I own you, baby. Cute face and all. And I own your parents. Yep, I'm awesome. So, um, why do you keep hiding from me, mister? Get your tukus out here!!

Your best friend, Jed? Man, I love that ant-socialized-mostly-smarter-than-me-kid. He's really smart. Except where it comes to your well-being. He doesn't make the best choices, kid. But stick with him, I think he's going places and he'll need you to help him get there.

Dude, I'm sorry your house is haunted and that you're having some trouble with them. I SWEAR I'm gonna' find a way out of this. Your friend, aunt, and that reality crew that invaded your world might help a little, but until then, it's you and me. All right, mostly me. (seriously, kid, stop hiding, I need you!!!)
Coyote? That pesky ghost that tends to scratch young kids and change the course of your novel? Man. This was the most challenging plot of my career. I think we're on our way, though. Thanks, Coyote. Thanks, Kaleb. You've done it. You've made me better. You've made yourselves better. Now to get this dang thing DONE already!!!
Love, Erica

PS to my blogger friends (since Kaleb doesn't listen half the time anyway) - I did not go through to the 2nd round of ABNA. But I did get 2 really complimentary reviews from the Amazon Expert (Vine) Reviewers. In "area of improvment" one reviewer only said that while he/she thinks it's very commercially appealing to young girls (hello, target audience), they didn't connect with it enough as an adult (and I'm totally cool with that). The other said that there seemed to be 2 plot lines - the death of her father and meeting a new boy - and they wished they knew which one was the main story (they didn't get to see the pitch, just a 5,000 word excerpt). btw - I entered A New Day, not the book with Kaleb in it (click on the link above to see more about what christy and I write).

That gives me renewed confidence, even though I didn't go through. I've got something here, folks. I just need to make it happen. . .


  1. Well, that's awesome you got some good critique :) Does indicate you are onto a good thing!! Well done :)

  2. Definitely good news about the first comment. You didn't write it for an adult, so that's fine. Gulp about the second comment. Wonder if someone would say the same things about my books.

  3. Great idea! I think I'll try writing a letter from my protagonists POV--it may help me with my writers block. :)

  4. I'm glad you got a good review, Erica.

    SO did I, which makes it that much more frustrating. My improvement lies in the sexual innuendo. They would have liked more on Danny and less on the sexual tension with Tanya,

    Like you, I know where to go from here.

    I like the letter idea....


  5. Bummer that you didn't get through, but yay! for useful reviews.

    And your letter to Kaleb is brilliant. Too bad teenage boys are easily distracted. Perhaps you should send him a text?

  6. Erica- that sounds like great feedback! Sorry you didn't make it, but now you kinda know a couple expert opinions on it.

    The letter was so cute! I might try doing that.

  7. Erica, I'm so sorry you didn't make it through to the next round! It sounds like you did get some excellent feedback though. I love your letter! Awesome idea!

  8. Great letter! Such a fun voice. And the story premise sounds awesome. So sorry about ABNA - but, I'm glad you got some good out of it! Will make you a stronger contender for next year! :)


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