are you ready?

WriteonCon is coming back!  To learn more click here!  That's where I found the reminder.  Or you can go right to the source here

WriteonCon is near and dear to our hearts cuz that's where we (erica and i) "met".  Awwww!  So we're glad we'll get to participate in all the fun again this upcoming August. 

If you've never been to a writing conference before or haven't scraped up the money/time just yet, this is a super way to attend one!  It's free!  It's online!  Most of the sessions are in the evening!  You'll get to "mingle" with agents, authors, and aspiring writers.  The online critique forums and social networking is amazing.  You'll meet friends, crit partners and maybe even a blog partner!

The contests and giveaways are beyond amazing.  I know, I'm gushing. I'll stop.

Instead, I'll talk food.  Steak, actually.  Grilled steak.  Because who isn't ready for spring and grilling on the deck?  Bring on the sun, 50 degree weather and shorts!!!! 

(monday mealtime madness...yes, it's monday!)

my favorite grilled steak recipe (even the pickiest eater in the world requests and actually eats this)

do the following to your favorite tenderloin steaks (place them on a tin foil tray):

  • douce them in teriyaki sauce
  • give them a couple of sips of red wine and water
  • sprinkle them with salt, pepper, parsley flakes, garlic powder
  • pat them with butter (three pats will do) 
  • cover them in parmesan cheese
put them on the grill until prepared to your liking--for me that's medium-well
pair them with your favorite potato or rice, baked bread, and fresh veggie (of course some malbec, although recenlty i enjoyed a nice glass of cabernet. change can be is good.)

okay, so gear up for spring grillin' and get ready for summer and writeoncon!


  1. I just started blogging in August last year, so I was too shy to go check it out.

    But there's no stopping me this year. :-D

  2. Hi Christy! Thanks to you and Erica for both visiting my blog in the past couple of days.

    WriteOnCon is awesome! I look forward to participating again this year.

    Your steak recipe sounds yummy. Until we can get outside to grill again, we do a pan-seared steak with cumin and black pepper (before) and a composed butter with chipotle in adobo (after). Super delish!

  3. Christy, I can SO tell you are ready for spring... You wear short in 50 degree weather? Brrrrrrrrr. Cold legs.

    You will get you sun soon enough there is plenty down here. I wrote a Day at the Beach.... at my blog if you want a preview. It is an excerpt from my short story, I can't remember if I sent it to you or not,

    Have a great meal....


  4. I can't wait for WriteOnCon. Best part is I don't have to find hotel accommodations for it. :D

    Our weather's finally improving to just abovw the freezing point. Almost shorts weather. :D

  5. WiteOnCon sounds excellent, and I'm jealous. I need to check around to see if there's a similar conference in the mystery/suspense field.

    also, Christy, I think my gmail may still be confounding me. I got a notice that there was mail, but it wouldn't let me open it. Was that you responding by any chance?

  6. Can't wait for writeoncon! I participated as much as possible last year, and posted my first pages of my ms for critique on the forums. I learned so much, since I was just thinking of starting a blog at that time.

  7. I need to get in on this WOC this year! Sounds super awesome!!

  8. You never know what's going to happen at WOC! Last year I was looking at the "introductions" page, saw someone named christy was also a teacher from WI who had a blog, I clicked on her profile, sent her a message, and voila - here we are!! Plus, you know, we learned some stuff (haha).

  9. you're ready for summer and I'm ready for winter here in Oz...and we are all ready for WriteOn :)

  10. Woo-hoo! Writeoncon is pretty cool!

    MMMMMM, steak...

  11. Can I do this with things that aren't steak? (Like, say, tofu?)

  12. Su - my family loves (steak, but also) zucchini and summer squash quartered, brushed with olive oil and seasoned sea salt sprinked on, then grilled (you can also slice and stove-fry). Yummm....(is it spring yet? then summer so the zucchini and squash are ready???)

  13. I'm soooo excited to KNOW people this year. Writeoncon will REALLY ROCK!!! :0) Can't wait to see you all there! christy

    (and erica if you hadn't commented on this blog that day...it would still be as lame as it was then! :0) or it just wouldn't be....

    okay, two smileys in one comment might be a bit much.


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