Book Review Friday

In our "real" non-virtual lives, March has been a busy month. Christy had parent-teacher conferences. Erica had home visits with her students. We both had spring breaks on different weeks with different family responsibilities. We've both been getting our mss ready for the conference we're going to in April. Cooking, cleaning, dog-feeding - it never ends!!

We've neglected some of our blogger friends. We've posted blog posts that probably weren't of our usual caliber. We haven't been around to meet new people. We neglected our Crusader duties. We're sorry. :(

We also haven't READ as many books as we'd like. Christy devoured the Hunger Games trilogy a few weeks ago, but hasn't picked a book up since (too busy). Erica has read a few middle grades in the same tone as her WIP and a couple books we've won in blog contests, but nothing she's felt like writing a review for, and hadn't read half the books she intended to (too busy).

Recently, though, I (erica) read Paper Towns by John Green and I had to tell you about it.

Paper Towns (Hardcover)

To be honest, I don't always feel super confident about writing reviews for published books. There are plots I like more than others, trigger phrases or words that pop out and bug me or pop out and I adore them, etc. Who am I to judge?

But in this case - I heart this book. A few months ago, on Gae Polisner's Facebook page, someone commented that the description of her book, Pull of Gravity, reminded her of Paper Towns, so when I saw it on the bargain shelf at Borders for three bucks, I noticed and bought it.

How have I never read a John Green novel before? It's baffling.

Anyway, in Paper Towns, a boy (Quentin, or Q) finally gets to spend a wild (read: taking pictures of naked cheating ex-boyfriends, dressing like a ninja, sneaking into SeaWorld, etc.) night with the girl he's loved from afar for years, Margo. The next day, she's gone. From his life and everyone's. Her parents are tired of her shenanigans (that's my word, not theirs, btw). The police think she'll return when she's ready. Quentin, however, finds clues that seem to be directed toward him specifically. And he goes to extraordinary lengths to find her - a girl he may never see, or be allowed to love, again. Plus, it taught me what a paper town is - fascinating.

This novel had what I've always wanted in mine - quirky characters, a unique plot, excellent voice, a loveable main character. And, um, excellent writing. EXCELLENT.

Go read this book. I donated a copy to my local library so hopefully more people do. Next, I'm tackling The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, but after that, it's definitely more John Green.

What are your weekend plans? Any reading we should know about?


  1. This is the only John Green book I've read. And I enjoyed it. Fortunately, our library carries him. I'll eventually read the rest. hope april is less busy!

  2. just had to comment on your strict adherance to the rules of proper apostrophe usage, re: "mss"

    I SO would have went with ms's, even though it's wrong - it just looks right

    I'm also a strong supporter of capitalizing seasons

  3. I loved Paper Towns! If you like John Green, try An Abundance of Katherines.

  4. How have I missed this book? I read Will Grayson Will Grayson and loved it, but this book has a Margo in it! Yay! sounds like a great plot too!

  5. I'm getting ready for a conference in April too! I'm looking forward to finishing the first draft of my novel and letting it simmer while I map out revisions for it.

  6. I loved Paper Towns. I'm looking forward to reading An Abundance of Katherines at some point in my reading future.

  7. I'm reading Story, by Robert McKee. It's about scriptwriting, not novels, but story is story, right? Anyway, it's massive and I have to return it promptly to the library, because someone else has requested it after me. So, much reading to do.


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